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We humans like our gadgets but we shouldn’t let are 4 legged (or finned) friends miss out. This section of coolest gadgets is designated for gadgets specially for pets.


BarkBath – a bath shouldn’t leave a mess behind

by Caitlyn

When you need to give your dog a bath, thoughts immediately jump to that of a bathroom covered in dirt, hair, and suds. Dogs will naturally shake when they have an excess amount of water on their fur, so washing your dog normally means cleaning your bathroom right after as well. If only to remove the dog and soap smell left in the aftermath.

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Pebby is the most advanced robotic pet sitter system in the world

by Edwin

pebbyOwning a pet does not only require a whole lot of responsibility, the very same pet tends to give you a lot of joy in return — especially when we are talking about more reactive ones like cats and dogs. Others such as fish swimming in the aquarium would do nothing more than provide you with a sense of serenity though, while tortoises and iguanas? Well, they are just there more as showpieces than anything else. Enter the Pebby, a device which is touted to be the most advanced robotic pet sitter system in the whole world.

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Scollar Smart Collar looks great on small dogs and cats

by Edwin

scollarWhen it comes to pets, there are two categories of pet owners. The first would be those who see them as just animals, and there is not much emotional attachment with the pet in question. Even if it falls sick, sending it to the vet to have it put to sleep is seen to be more of a rite of passage or a necessary evil, and you will not have any kind of emotional upheaval. However, the other kind of pet owner would be those who lavish so much love on the furry kid, outsiders might start to wonder whether it is appropriate to do so when their own children are neglected. Pets do have their fair share of accessories in the past, and this Kickstarter project would contribute to a growing list in the form of the Scollar Smart Collar.

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The HandsOn Grooming Gloves tackle Spring shedding

by Caitlyn


When the weather changes, our beloved furry friends shed their coats to grow new ones. It helps regulate their temperature and keeps them happy, which we definitely want for them, but at the cost of finding hair in every nook and cranny of our home. You can try your best to brush off some of the excess, but you can never tell when you’ve missed, and despite your best efforts, there will always be more laying in wait.

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This Scratching Post has Lasers to drive your cats insane

by Caitlyn


Cats have a point in the day when they go as close to insane as possible. Their eyes dilate, their tails twitch wildly, the claws come out, and they run at full speed to nowhere in particular. These are around the times where the best cat videos on YouTube are made, mainly because all good sense of judgment seems to leave them, and they attack themselves, the ground, and air, likely in a fit of primal madness.

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WiFi Communicating Pet Treat Dispenser lets you micromanage remotely

by Edwin

wifi-pet-treat-dispenserPets can be extremely therapeutic, especially if you have had a pretty stressful day at the office. Of course, some of us prefer dogs over every other pet, as these tend to be far more teachable than the likes of a hamster, fish, snake or cat. Well, giving treats to your pet in order to enforce positive training methods is extremely effective, but what if you are unable to do so while being physically present? The $199.95 WiFi Communicating Pet Treat Dispenser would be able to get the job done then.

This WiFi monitor would enable one to check in on a pet from anywhere at anytime and remotely dispense preloaded treats. It will make use of an iOS and Android compatible app, allowing you to see whatever the wide-angle HD camera is able to see over your home’s WiFi connection in 720p resolution goodness. Infrared LEDs will ensure that anyone can check out a pet regardless of lighting conditions, and you can even shoot still shots, now how about that? The integrated speaker lets you communicate to a dog or cat before releasing 1-3 units of the pet’s preferred dry treats. It can stash away up to 75 treats, depending on the length of the treats.

Pyle Audio rolls out Doggy Fun

by Edwin

doggy-funDo you happen to own a pooch, and your pooch absolutely loves to play fetch? If you have answered in the affirmative, this means you would have had your fair share of practicing your throwing arm, but knowing how persistent our four legged friends are, you will most probably end up with a sore arm not too long after. How about letting a machine do all the work, while you take a break and actually spend your time reading a book, or perhaps catching up on the latest in the summer Olympics? Pyle Audio (yes, we are well aware that they are a company that rolls out out audio products) has just announced their automatic dog ball launcher known as the Doggy Fun.

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Pooch Selfie lets you capture precious moments with your furkid

by Edwin

pooch-selfieA selfie stick should be something that everyone must pack whenever one prepares to go for a holiday. It is as much a prerequisite as a passport if you are traveling abroad — otherwise, how else are you going to impress all of your friends out there with the exotic backgrounds and of course, the people whom you are traveling with? Back home, you might want to take things easier with your beloved pet dog, and the £12.99 Pooch Selfie would seem to do the trick perfectly fine.

It is not so much different from that of a regular selfie stick, except that this smartphone accessory has been specially developed to help you snap better photos of you and your dog. How does it do so? For starters, it will harness the powerful canine allure of a squeaky tennis ball, in order to capture your dog’s undivided attention. Of course, the ball can be swapped with your dog’s favorite ball instead, being simple and incredibly effective. If you are on a tight budget, how about taping on some treats to your regular selfie stick instead?

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