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We humans like our gadgets but we shouldn’t let are 4 legged (or finned) friends miss out. This section of coolest gadgets is designated for gadgets specially for pets.


The Mewgaroo hoodie is for crazy cat people

by Caitlyn - on May 26th, 2015

Friends and family can be fun to be around on occasion, but there are times where you want to be alone. Of course, you don’t want to be fully alone, you just want things to be in a quiet, controlled situation. Many people enjoy spending time with a pet, as there is no emotional complication or going out to deal with. Of course, if you have a cat, you know how hard it is to keep them close without them being in the way, which is where they love to be.

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The Orbit 20 Jellyfish Aquarium – oh give me a home, where the jellyfish roam

by Caitlyn - on May 22nd, 2015

Orbit 20 Jellyfish Aquarium

There have been studies done on how important it is for us to zone out and think about nothing. We get so caught up on all the things we need to do, have done, and still need to do that our brains get overloaded. We don’t have any time to rewire our minds and calm down, which is why a lot of people end up getting low-stress pets.

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Jumbl Filtered Pet Fountain Feeder is definitely a luxury purchase for your pet

by Edwin - on May 16th, 2015

jumbl-filtered-pet-fountainLife can be pretty hectic at times, and there are moments when you might actually be so caught up in your work, so much so that you would have forgotten all about feeding your pet at home. That is just grossly irresponsible, so you might want to enlist the help of technology to get the job done on your behalf. Just in case you know that this will be a very busy week, perhaps you might want to invest in a pet feeder like the $29.99 Jumbl Filtered Pet Fountain Feeder. This is no ordinary pet fountain feeder, as it comes with its own removable food bowl as well as integrated night light for additional safety.

This 3-in-1 pet fountain from Jumbl can be said to be an innovative dispensary of both, and it is perfectly suitable for pet owners who need to leave for the day or a longer event. It is comprised of up to three pieces: a reservoir base that holds up to three liters of water, a fountain pump that’s attached to a water serving dish, and a removable food bowl that holds 3.4 cups of pet food. The pump will work non-stop to cycle the water from the reservoir up to the water servings dish, and let the remaining water run back into the reservoir. It works in a quiet and efficient manner, and will play nice with any standard wall outlet.

Havahart Wireless has a spanking new circular fencing system

by Edwin

havahartOne can be prepared in life as much as possible, but there is one thing for sure – you can never truly be 100% prepared for anything and everything. There are always moments when a spanner is thrown in the works, and things need to change and be modified, which means being flexible is the way to go. Well, keeping track of your free roaming pet is one such example, as keeping Fido cooped up all day long is not going to help, either. Havahart Wireless has come up with its third generation of its circular fencing system, where it has been updated to include tighter trigger zones, waterproof collars, and enhanced system communications.

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The Regent Pet Bed will keep your pup warm in the winter

by Caitlyn

regent pet bed

When it’s cold outside, we all bundle up in blankets and sit next to a space heater. We put little thought to our pets needing a jacket since they’re covered in fur, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get cold too. This is especially the case for smaller dogs with short hair. They may love you, but there’s a reason they want to cuddle more when it’s freezing outside.

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The Ant Watch is a personal ant farm you can’t leave at home

by Caitlyn

Ant Watch

When you have an ant farm, there’s not much in the way of interaction you can have with your tiny insect friends. You have to put in food of course, but you can’t exactly take your ants for a walk at the park or have them sit in your lap while you’re on your laptop. If ants really are your pet of choice whether it be because you think they’re cool or have allergies to literally everything else, it’s no fun having to be so distant from your tiny creatures all the time.

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Samsung goes bark to the future

by Edwin

Samsung Kennel-6I know that Samsung is famous for their consumer electronics – and this would certainly include their smartphone range, but this does not mean that the South Korean company is a pushover when it comes to being creative. No sir, as this just goes to show that there is a streak of creativity in them, which is extremely crucial if a company were to remain ahead of the competition in the long run. Well, what has Samsung come up with this time that warrants some coverage? We are looking at an architect designed, futuristic kennel that costs a whopping £20,000, now how about that for attention grabbing news?

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Meowlingual Cat Translation Device: Understand Garfield from now on

by Edwin

meowlingualThere is this unique bond between man and animal – and some of us have learned to domesticate these animals to have them end up as pets over the many thousands of years, where both dogs and cats happen to be among the most popular pets worldwide. Cats can be aloof at times, and noisy too, if they happen to be in heat, but there are times when you are simply unable to decipher what your feline companion is trying to “tell” you. Perhaps having an electronic tool might be able to help you out there – case in point, this $167 Meowlingual Cat Translation Device.

Of course translating the human language is infinitely easier as opposed to figuring out what a cat is trying to tell you, but there are road bumps in achieving the former, too. How does the Meowlingual Cat Translation Device work then? It claims to be able to decode what your cat is telling you, through the analysis of the expression on your feline friend’s face, before it goes ahead to categorize it into half a dozen different moods. The gadget also touts to translate approximately 200 words in “cat chat”, by interpret 21 kinds of emotions that are based on your cats gestures and behavior, all the while offering 85 types of health checks. Of course, this is by no means an excuse for you not to bring your cat to the vet should it look unwell. Powered by a couple of AA batteries, the Meowlingual Cat Translation Device will arrive in pink, black, and white colors.

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