Toshiba unveils new Canvio portable hard drive range

by Edwin

Having a portable hard drive or external hard disk these days seem to be the trend, and we are not surprised to see Toshiba join the game with their latest Canvio line. What makes the Canvio special is the spacious amount of storage made available, where you will be able to find a size to fit just about any budget. Available in four capacities – 500GB, 640GB, 750GB and a …

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faceVsion FVexpress Combo 720p HD web VideoCam + Express card solution

by Edwin

faceVsion has unveiled their latest FVexpress Combo 720p HD web VideoCam + Express card solution for the general market, and this highly anticipated gizmo will target notebook users who want to keep in touch with family, friends and business associates through video calls in High Definition quality, thanks to its ability to offer users a true 720p HD video chat experience via Google Talk and faceVsion’s QuLives communications manager application. …

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Flexi PC Pet ID Tag

by Edwin

While some folks treat their pets as second class citizens, most of us do otherwise, as they are part of our family. With the Flexi PC Pet ID Tag, you can be sure that your mind won’t be as frazzled whenever Fido goes running off without letting you know beforehand – after all, it functions as a USB flash drive which is not only water- but shock-proof as well, allowing …

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Handgun USB Drive

by Ally

Nothing will ever make you look quite as cool as owning a handgun flash drive.  Sure, you can’t take it in most places, due to the stir it might cause.  At least you’ll look tough though.  With your jet black drive, I’ll bet you only store the toughest of your information on the drive.  I haven’t the faintest idea what kind of information would be called tough, but I’ll bet …

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Western Digital My Passport SE for Mac

by Edwin

Western Digital is extremely well known for its line of storage devices where backup is concerned, and this time round they have come up with something that targets folks who are running on the Mac platform – we’re talking about the Western Digital My Passport SE for Mac. Available in two capacities of 750GB and 1TB, the My Passport SE for Mac is a portable USB drive which has been …

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Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901

by Mark R

Lexmark has just recently unveiled their All-in-One (AIO) inkjet printer at the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit with the Pinnacle Pro901. This is probably a follow-up to all the AIO printers that were revealed last year around Fall, but this one is designed for small to medium business and small and home office users. Like most Lexmark printers it has the 4-in-1 capability of print, scan, copy, or fax, but …

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Auto and USBoombox Set

by Ally

Instead of purchasing a flash drive all by its lonesome, buy a friend for it too.  Now thanks to KidRobot, you can have a friendly companion for your smiling USB drive.  After all, you can’t always be around for the USB drive, eventually you have to sleep or even pay attention to real people.  For those times, you have have Auto.  He’s a little man with a cassette tape for …

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ReviveLite II

by Ally

The original ReviveLite would work fine for most people, but the down side of it is that it was pretty bulky.  Not only did it keep an outlet covered, but it also had a dock off to the side of the outlet.  With this 2nd edition ReviveLite it looks a whole lot more sleek and won’t be quite as much in the way.  This new design makes a whole lot …

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