HandShoe Mouse for customized fit

by Ally

Instead of making your hand fit a mouse, why not have a mouse made to fit your hand?  It’s definitely a more logical concept.  After all, as much time as some of us spend on the computer, our mouse gets used just as much as our favorite pair of shoes.  It only makes sense to measure out your hand and get a sized mouse, much like you’d pick out a …

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USB Turtle Drive

by Ally

If you prefer your USB drives to be incredibly adorable, this turtle is the trick.  He’ll lovingly store all of your necessary files and look cute doing it.  What more could you ask for?  Sure, some might claim it’s not the most adult looking USB drive, but not everyone wants to be stuck with a plain looking drive.  Plus, if you have any kids they’d probably fall in love with …

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Review of the Adesso SlimTouch Pro

by Mark R

The last Adesso keyboard I reviewed was the WKB-4000BB, and it was a netbook-sized keyboard for syncing with a PC, laptop, or even mobile device. I just had a chance to try out the WKB-4200UB, which is a regular-sized keyboard that isn’t really that different from the former model, really. Then again, I’ve reviewed many wireless keyboards, and there isn’t much to distinguish one from the other. I will say …

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Steampunk 4GB USB Drive

by Ally

Instead of always purchasing a modern USB drive, we thankfully live in a world where people enjoy customizing their electronics.  Even better there are select few that offer up their unique creations to be purchased by those of us that are incapable of designing something quite as complex.  This steampunk drive will cost you a whole lot more than the average drive, but at least you’ll have something unique.

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Netgear unveils new networking accessories for home theaters

by Edwin

Netgear has rolled out a bunch of new networking accessories which will target the home theater market in the form of the High-Performance Wireless-N HD Home Theater Kit (WNHDB3004) as well as the Universal WiFi Internet Adapter for Home Theater Devices and Gaming Consoles (WNCE2001). The former is a carrier-grade, tested and proven solution for wirelessly playing multiple jitter-free 1080p HD video and audio streams to virtually every room in …

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HSTi Wireless Media Stick

by Edwin

Media streaming is catching on these days, and the HSTi Wireless Media Stick is one of the latest devices from this line of gizmos to hit the market, where it enables users to stream media files from any computer that is hooked to a wireless network to virtually any USB-enabled device, be it a TV, gaming console or even stereo system. Setting it up is a snap – all you …

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Man swallows evidence: A Kingston thumb drive

by Mark R

Have you ever seen The Incredible Hulk movie? Not that bad one starring Eric Bana with its strange editing, but the halfway decent one starring Edward Norton. I bring it up because in the film, Dr. Banner (Norton) is about to become the Hulk, but he has some valuable information on a thumb drive. In order to protect the valuable data from his enemies and himself, he decides to swallow …

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Hands on with The Beamz Interactive Music System

by Mark R

So what is this man doing here? Would you believe that he is playing music? I first heard about the Beamz Interactive Music System from the CES Show Directory, but I missed the chance to visit their booth. The company was kind enough to send one of their products my way, and I can honestly say that it is the only musical instrument that I will ever play. Granted, it …

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