USB LED Desk Lamp

by Edwin

Working in the dark is no fun, and while we understand that you sometimes need to get work done in bed with your partner trying to get some much needed sleep, surely a little bit of light will help? After all, this compromise won’t flood the whole room with light, just a small section of it. Being powered by USB, you can easily connect it to your notebook’s USB port …

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Microsoft LifeCam Studio webcam is ready for prime time

by Edwin

Microsoft’s latest LifeCam Studio webcam is prepared to hit the ground running, especially for those who are involved in long distance relationships as well as folks who grew up in a closely knit family, but simply because of education and work, had to be relocated to a different city or state altogether. Instead of relying on expensive phone calls, why not settle for video calls over the computer? With the …

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USB Desktop Aquarium and Organizer

by Ally

There have been USB powered aquariums before, but the ones I have seen used fake fish.  Instead this handy little aquarium can hold real fish to keep you entertained throughout the day.  Plus, to sweeten the deal a little it organizes your desktop accessories and offers a little bit of light.  All around it’s a pretty serious multi-gadget.

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LaCie releases new USB 3.0 hard drives

by Edwin

LaCie is the name that many people would look for when it comes to portable hard drives, and this time around the company has another two models for your consideration if you have plenty of media and work files to tote around. To sweeten the deal, LaCie has decided to throw in USB 3.0 connectivity that offers data transfer speeds that is far superior to that of USB 2.0, and …

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Guard Dog for your working desk

by Edwin

Do you love maintaining your personal space and jealously guard it as though it is the elixir of life itself? The Guard Dog which is USB-powered might just do the trick then – after all, it will growl menacingly at anyone who ventures too close to your cubicle for comfort. This is made possible thanks to a built-in motion sensor which will alert the Guard Dog to intruders, and unlike …

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Shiny Whistle Hides Flash Drive

by Ally

If you know of a soccer coach that has a serious love for the shiny items in life, then this is one drive they’ll probably enjoy.  It’s not exactly something for someone that prefers things to be a little more subtle, but sometimes you need a device that stands out in the crowd.  This particular batch of shiny hides a tidy little flash drive within it for all of your …

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LaCie MosKeyto USB flash drive is super small

by Edwin

USB flash drives are dime a dozen, and we know that most of you already own more USB flash drives than you care via trade shows and conventions. Well, the company known as LaCie who has had plenty of experience when it comes to storage devices such as external hard drives has recently unveiled their latest model where USB flash drives are concerned – we’re talking about the LaCie MosKeyto. …

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Golden Robot USB Drive looks familiar…

by Ally

It’s funny how you can see something and it just so strongly reminds you of something else you’ve seen before, like this very subtle Golden Robot USB Drive that I just can’t seem to put my finger on.  Every time I glance at it I just hear this annoying voice yammering off a bunch of ridiculous survival statistics.  It’s just the strangest reaction.  Clearly this robot is nothing more than …

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