Kingston HyperX Predator USB flash drive does the 1TB dance

by Edwin

You know that SSDs are going to get a run for their money when the USB flash drive capacity has upped the ante by more than a mile. Case in point, CES 2013 saw the introduction of the Kingston HyperX Predator that weighs in at 1TB of storage space. Yes sir, who would have thought that USB flash drives would hit the magical 1TB mark so soon, when it was …

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Star Trek Webcam

by Edwin

When it comes to two of the more successful space operas around, Star Trek and Star Wars have their set of fans, although the former does have more material to fall back upon since it has movies as well as a back catalogue of TV shows to fall upon, while Star Wars folklore consists of just half a dozen movies, some computer games and a number of novels. I am …

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INRETE Automatica announced

by Edwin

INRETE, a company from Europe that focuses mainly on Internet services for the automotive industry, has just rolled out Automatica, a special kind of device which will plug itself into the vehicle’s USB without the need for any kind of additional modifications, where it will allow users to enjoy the latest music or audiobook right from a personal cloud storage service and podcast channels, and all of this is made …

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USB Boxer

by Edwin

So you think that you have managed to check out your fair share of USB-powered gizmos and gadgets for the work area, that there is nothing new left under the sun for you to consider? Well, perhaps you might be interested to check out an adrenaline pumping USB accessory which will certainly liven up your cubicle – and perhaps those around you, if they are betting people. I am referring …

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Intellipaper USB flash drive goes green

by Edwin

I am quite sure that many of us already own plenty of USB flash drives – not through purchasing them at a shop or something, but because we have attended enough press conferences, conventions and events for exhibitors to hand these out like candy on Halloween. The thing is, we tend to forget just what we store on all of these USB flash drives, and after a while accumulating them …

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by Alison

Not only have iPhones become handy ways to manage our lives – but there is a sense of style to them too. So much so that there is a developing sort of underground of ‘make it look as slick as an iPhone’ type products. The iShaver adds to that collection, but also proves a really effective tool.

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Mouse and Presenter in Your Palm

by Alison

Have you used a presenter tool before? You know, you stand up in front of the group to pitch your proposal or give your explanation. PowerPoint is queued up and someone hands you that remote looking thing. Your finger grazes the top and BAM! You are suddenly at the last page of your presentation. Then you have to walk to the computer, exit out of presenter mode, start it again. …

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Charge On-the-Go

by Alison

  AViiQ™ makes great gadget accessories. From cases to devices to charging tools, their objective is to keep things clean, durable and good looking. Mobile professionals certainly appreciate their clean look. Yet mobile professionals need to charge multiple devices, often times at once: smartphone, tablet, tunes, e-reader, camera, GPS. The USB chargeable devices go on and on. No one on the go wants to be that person with cables and …

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