8GB Steampunk Thumb Drive

by Edwin

Love all things to do with the old and new, merged together under the guise of “steampunk”? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would be pleased to hear that Thinkgeek has made available the $29.99 8GB Steampunk Thumb Drive to the masses. This is definitely a device that looks old school, and yet it delivers modern day storage. Made out of heavy copper-plated metal for that added …

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Computer Control at Your Fingertips…Literally

by Alison

Think of the evolution of the mouse & keyboard. First there was the lack of mouse and the directional keys on a keyboard attached to the PC. Then this crazy little thing with the clicks came along – albeit corded. Keyboards too became corded. Then the mouse and keyboard lost their tail and went wireless. Somewhere in there the track pad came on the scene. What’s next? Your finger. And …

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Limited Edition Metal Gigantor Thumb Drive

by Edwin

How many of us have lost track of the number of USB flash drives in our possession? Considering all the road shows and conventions that we have attended, it is safe to say that having a USB flash drive is no big deal, not unlike in the days when it was first released to the market and 1GB capacity was something to drool over. Now, we have evolved to uniquely …

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Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like having a nice, piping hot cup of coffee or tea at your desk whenever you are working. The thing is, most of us work in air conditioned offices these days, and our hot beverage cools down – really fast, unless one uses a thermos flask or something of the equivalent. Well, if you happen to have an extra USB port on your notebook or computer …

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Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650

by Edwin

When you mention the name Logitech, what normally goes across your mind? Is it some sort of gaming peripheral? Well, gamers might think of that first, but for the majority of computer users out there, we would think more along the lines of a ‘normal’ computing peripheral as a standard working mouse as well as a keyboard that espouses all the virtues of ergonomics. This time around, with the imminent …

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Find Heat and Charge

by Alison

Concept alert, concept alert. But oh boy, does this make sense. Stoves, radiators, portable heaters – the list of heat generating devices in our lives goes on and on. And our lives have gone portable with phones, tablets, laptops and the like. Devices have existed to charge electronics via heat sources, but never with the portability aspect.

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Polaroid Wifi Camcorder – Live Streaming Directly to the Internet

by Julie

  Life is made up of small moments, as I look back on my life I realize that most of the wonderful things that I remember most fondly, were not the big planned events, but the little unexpected minutes between the big stuff.  Some of those magical times would never have been memorialized in pictures or video if it werent for some of these new pocket sized cameras and camcorders …

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Aroma USB – Freshen Your Space and Your Mood

by Julie

One of my first jobs was working in a huge office in one of those little cubicles. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the guy that worked directly across from me didn’t bring the most horrific things into the workplace to have for lunch. I’m talking liver and onion leftovers, some sort of day old curry and a runny brown concoction that I never was able to identify. I …

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