by Alison

Not only have iPhones become handy ways to manage our lives – but there is a sense of style to them too. So much so that there is a developing sort of underground of ‘make it look as slick as an iPhone’ type products. The iShaver adds to that collection, but also proves a really effective tool.

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Mouse and Presenter in Your Palm

by Alison

Have you used a presenter tool before? You know, you stand up in front of the group to pitch your proposal or give your explanation. PowerPoint is queued up and someone hands you that remote looking thing. Your finger grazes the top and BAM! You are suddenly at the last page of your presentation. Then you have to walk to the computer, exit out of presenter mode, start it again. …

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Charge On-the-Go

by Alison

  AViiQ™ makes great gadget accessories. From cases to devices to charging tools, their objective is to keep things clean, durable and good looking. Mobile professionals certainly appreciate their clean look. Yet mobile professionals need to charge multiple devices, often times at once: smartphone, tablet, tunes, e-reader, camera, GPS. The USB chargeable devices go on and on. No one on the go wants to be that person with cables and …

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USB Toaster Hub and Drives

by Edwin

I know that it is elections fever over here in the US, but if there was a vote opened up for the cutest and most adorable USB hub as well as USB flash drives in the market, chances are I would put my money on the USB Toaster Hub and Drives. You will be able to choose from four different USB flash drive designs of 4GB each – Butta, Crisp, …

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Motion Activated Talking Yoda Sentry

by Edwin

Who would have thought that someone as diminutive as Yoda would end up being a Jedi Master while heading the entire Jedi Council in its heydays? Well, this little creature that could is also a great friend of the Wookies, and he managed to live to a ripe old age, mentoring Anakin Skywalker’s offspring in the process while dying to become one with the Force afterwards. His leadership abilities and …

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8GB Steampunk Thumb Drive

by Edwin

Love all things to do with the old and new, merged together under the guise of “steampunk”? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would be pleased to hear that Thinkgeek has made available the $29.99 8GB Steampunk Thumb Drive to the masses. This is definitely a device that looks old school, and yet it delivers modern day storage. Made out of heavy copper-plated metal for that added …

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Computer Control at Your Fingertips…Literally

by Alison

Think of the evolution of the mouse & keyboard. First there was the lack of mouse and the directional keys on a keyboard attached to the PC. Then this crazy little thing with the clicks came along – albeit corded. Keyboards too became corded. Then the mouse and keyboard lost their tail and went wireless. Somewhere in there the track pad came on the scene. What’s next? Your finger. And …

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Limited Edition Metal Gigantor Thumb Drive

by Edwin

How many of us have lost track of the number of USB flash drives in our possession? Considering all the road shows and conventions that we have attended, it is safe to say that having a USB flash drive is no big deal, not unlike in the days when it was first released to the market and 1GB capacity was something to drool over. Now, we have evolved to uniquely …

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