CD Carousel Plus with USB support

by Paz

This CD carousel is a real find for me. Being a music as well as a gadget lover, I have about 600 audio CDs. As you can imagine, organising them is somewhat problematic.

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USB memory armband

by Paz

USB memory armband

I’m currently compiling the definitive list of pointless USB gadgets, but this one won’t make it because it could actually be useful! It’s a 1 GB USB memory stick that can be worn on the wrist as an armband. OK it’s looks a little functional; some might say uncool even, but it does have practical uses, especially if like me you’re sometimes doing lots of presentations and keep losing USB sticks in different offices.

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USB Heated Gloves

by Al

USB Heating gloves

It’s that time of the month when we come across another seemingly crazy USB gadget and in this case it’s USB Heated Gloves. As crazy as it sounded at first they’re actually not a bad idea. The office I currently work in (not for much longer) is like an igloo in the winter and not a lot warmer in the summer (the air con is exponentially more effective than the …

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