Skype Phone Converter

by Liam

If you’re looking at getting a VoIP phone for skype, you may want to consider the Skype Phone Converter. The Skype Phone Converter is plugged into your USB port and any regular phone, allowing you to make any phone into a VoIP phone! One thing that makes this a better deal than purchasing a VoIP phone is that it functions the exact same as a regular phone, as well as …

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USB Web Cam with Telescope

by Keith

USB Webcam with Telescope

How good is your webcam? Well, most of us would try to compare the quality in terms of brands. Some professionals would say CCD web cams are far more superb than CMOS web cams. Furthermore, there are those who can rotate and turn by itself. Basically, even with the advanced technology of these latest webcams, they all have one weakness. That is, these traditional hardwares are only capable of focusing …

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Macally IP-A481 External Li-ion Battery

by Liam

Macally IP-A481 External Li-ion Battery

If you have an iPod, and use it on long trips or will be away from a computer for a while, this External Li-ion battery would probably be very helpful to you. You can plug your iPod into the battery to gain approximately 6-8 hrs of playtime for your iPod, although with the flash-based iPods (nano and shuffle) you may get more extra time than that.

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USB Powered Mini Vacuum Cleaner

by Liam

USB Powered Mini Vacuum Cleaner

I think this gadget could be very useful considering its size and where you would be using it. The USB Powered Mini Vacuum Cleaner is pretty self explanatory. With so many little cracks and crevices all around your computer, this gadget would be extremely helpful to keep a tidy workspace.

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USB Wireless PC Lock

by Liam

USB Wireless PC Lock

If you’re worried about your personal files being left unprotected at your desk when you’re away from your computer, but you’re too forgetful to secure it each time you leave, this gadget is definitely for you. The USB Wireless PC Lock automatically locks your computer every time you are away from it to protect your privacy.

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The USB Ghost Radar

by Liam

Ghost Radar

I have to say this is one of the more odd gadgets I’ve come across. The USB Ghost Radar supposedly does just as it says, detect ghosts. This USB gadget might be perfect for any of the psychics out there. The device itself seems to be quite complex, with an array of sensors and alert lights, as well as a very complex algorithm for detecting the paranormal which analyses the …

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USB RC Car Simulator

by Al

USB RC Controller

I’m not sure if this is cool or not. It’s a computer simulation of a remote control car with a realistic high end controller. The Controller connects via USB and is used to control the remote control car on screen. It does look cool but I’m still left with the feeling that this type of simulation is overkill, I can understand racing games and flight sims as Mr Joe Public …

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Pocket-sized USB hard drive from Seagate

by Paz

Samsung pocket-sized hard drive

USB sticks are OK I suppose, but I can’t wait to pack one of these Seagate portable hard drives in my pocket! The different palm-sized portable UBS disk drives hold between 2.5 and 6 GB depending on which model you choose.

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