The USB Ghost Radar

by Liam

I have to say this is one of the more odd gadgets I’ve come across. The USB Ghost Radar supposedly does just as it says, detect ghosts. This USB gadget might be perfect for any of the psychics out there. The device itself seems to be quite complex, with an array of sensors and alert lights, as well as a very complex algorithm for detecting the paranormal which analyses the …

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USB RC Car Simulator

by Al

USB RC Controller

I’m not sure if this is cool or not. It’s a computer simulation of a remote control car with a realistic high end controller. The Controller connects via USB and is used to control the remote control car on screen. It does look cool but I’m still left with the feeling that this type of simulation is overkill, I can understand racing games and flight sims as Mr Joe Public …

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Pocket-sized USB hard drive from Seagate

by Paz

Samsung pocket-sized hard drive

USB sticks are OK I suppose, but I can’t wait to pack one of these Seagate portable hard drives in my pocket! The different palm-sized portable UBS disk drives hold between 2.5 and 6 GB depending on which model you choose.

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USB Webcam with Night Vision

by Al

Webcam with Night Vision

This is another one of those “Why hasn’t it been done before” gadgets, a Webcam with night vision. So your friends can see who they’re talking to even if the lights are off. I must admit I do wonder about the sort of people who would use a webcam like this. Okay I think I can guess the sort of people that would benefit from a camera like this, just …

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The USB hub that looks like a Rubik’s Cube

by Paz

USB hub that looks like a Rubik's Cube

I wonder how many of you remember the ultimate puzzle cum gadget, the Rubik’s Cube. It was big in the early 80’s, but I had thought about it in years until I saw this USB port that was obviously inspired by the childrens’ toy. 

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Lexar JumpDrive Mercury 1GB Review

by Al

eInk Pendrive

We previewed the Lexark eInk Flash Drive when it was first seen at CES 2006, our friends at EverythingUSB have got the actual device and done an interesting review of this useful use of eInk.

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CD Carousel Plus with USB support

by Paz

CD carousel with USB support

This CD carousel is a real find for me. Being a music as well as a gadget lover, I have about 600 audio CDs. As you can imagine, organising them is somewhat problematic.

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USB memory armband

by Paz

USB memory armband

I’m currently compiling the definitive list of pointless USB gadgets, but this one won’t make it because it could actually be useful! It’s a 1 GB USB memory stick that can be worn on the wrist as an armband. OK it’s looks a little functional; some might say uncool even, but it does have practical uses, especially if like me you’re sometimes doing lots of presentations and keep losing USB sticks in different offices.

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