BluestSoft DiskArchiver OneTouch Home

by Edwin

Many a time, we are told to make a backup of all our work, but the daily (or weekly, depending on your backup schedule) discipline seems to escape us majority of the time. Well, we tell ourselves, “If only there was something that can perform those backups for us with minimal effort.” Come on now, if you value your hard work on the digital platform, surely you would take all …

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Wanna get pregnant? Get a Nokia

by Edwin

Don’t you just find it to be ironic that there are folks out there who are trying their darndest best to start a family, while others go to abortion clinics simply because they aren’t ready to face up to the responsibility of being a parent, and yet want to have fun on the sidelines. Well, if you have tried all sorts of remedies and taken in more advice on getting …

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Vizio 8″ tablet delivers Hulu Plus support

by Edwin

Portable entertainment – that is the name of the game for many hardware manufacturers and software developers these days. Once you have fantastic hardware alongside a stable software platform to deliver digital media to a portable device that can be carried around anywhere, and you’ve got yourself a winner – if the price is also sensitive to what folks are comfortable with, of course. Well, Vizio, the company that tends …

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Take a look in the Augmented Reality Mirror

by Mark R

It seems like just yesterday that I was reporting on some advancement in Augmented reality. Actually, wait, it was yesterday. Today, it is an augmented reality mirror. It involves making a 3D map of your face, so you can make tweaks on your own reflection. You can watch a video of it after the jump. The first time I watched it, I could not see much of a difference between …

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VooMote One available in the US via

by Edwin has just announced that they will make the highly-anticipated VooMote One available in the US, selling it over various retailers – virtual or otherwise, such as,, B&H, and BrandsMart amongst others. Just in case you were wondering what all the fuss surrounding the VooMote One is all about, this particular device will “mate” with your iPhone, without letting your iPhone look as though it was some sort …

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Elgato HDHomeRun PRIME App for iPad 2

by Edwin

Elgato has just released the HDHomeRun PRIME App for iPad 2 over at the App Store, where it will play nice with the Silicondust HDHomeRun PRIME line of CableCard-enabled network tuners. To put it in a nutshell, this new app will allow users to stream and record live premium cable TV directly to the iPad 2 – making Apple’s hot selling tablet all the more desirable now. It does not …

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IBM wants to create a virtual Portland

by Mark R

Last January, at CES, I witnessed a very interesting photo-realistic 3D-city visualization display from C3. I got a chance to view San Francisco from the air through the power of 3D graphics, and IBM is now working on a project that is somewhat similar. The company’s Systems Dynamics for Smarter Cities is planning on mapping out the city of Portland as mathematically as possible. The end result will be this …

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Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

by Edwin

Amazon certainly takes its electronic reading business seriously – they have been rolling out a far flung collection of free Kindle reading apps over the past couple of years which will allow customers to Buy Once, Read Everywhere. Folks at the moment are able to read Kindle books over the largest number of the most popular devices and platforms, ranging from Kindles to iPads, iPhones, iPod touches, PCs, Macs, Android …

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