ProAktivo Sports Tracker

by Edwin

The battle of the bulge is something many of us make attempts to fight, with varying levels of success, of course. There are many tools in the market to help one achieve one’s fitness goals, but the most important one is free and still remains the essential ingredient in all weight loss programs – determination and discipline. Have that, and the tools around you will aid you in your journey, …

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BrailleTouch lets the blind text

by Edwin

Modern smartphones come with touchscreen displays – which is not a bad thing at all, really. Just take a look at the kind of apps and games that have been written for the platform to date and tell me that it isn’t revolutionary in any way. However, while the hard of hearing can always enjoy the use of a smartphone or featurephone because they can see, how about the visually …

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iPhone Ringtone Maker – Creativity for All

by Julie

I am all over the page when it comes to my ringtones, its either something super boring that the phone was set on when I got it, or something really weird that I pay to download, and everytime the phone rings everyone around me looks over disapprovingly. In any case I can think of dozens of ringtones that I’d like to have… but they don’t exist. Luckily we have the  iPhone Ringtone …

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SocialShield – They Know What You Dont.

by Julie

  I worry about my daughters Internet use. Obviously, I spend a lot of time on the computer myself, and I feel as though I have taught her well, but lets face it, if you put an 8 year old up against an adult, well lets just say most of the time the adult is going to have the upper hand. I dont want her to feel as though I …

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Movies, Music and More – iTunes not Required

by Julie

If you are now using a DVD ripper or wrangling with the extra steps of a dreaded video converter to make your favorite DVD movies compatible with your iPad,  or if you are still paying hard earned money and relying on iTunes to sync your iPad files, then let me introduce you iPad Transfer, iPad fans have now found what seems to be the most all-in-one solution to iPad’s video conversion and file …

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Command & Conquer coded in HTML5

by Edwin

There are moments in life when we look at a particular object and think, “Now why didn’t I think of this before?” I am quite sure that many of us who spent our teenage years in the mid-1990s would have played the game Command & Conquer at some point in time or another, where the almighty tank could be stopped by something as simple as sandbags, and had hours and …

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Apple announces iBooks 2 for iPad

by Edwin

Apple wants to change the way we look at the education system, by announcing iBooks 2 for the iPad. What does iBooks 2 bring to the table? For starters, it will obviously feature iBooks textbooks, which is a totally new kind of textbook that intends to make learning far more dynamic, engaging and truly interactive. With the iPad’s display, iBooks textbooks are said to offer students gorgeous, fullscreen textbooks complete …

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The Jabra PRO 930 for telephony

by Mark R

Jabra has recently started an entry-level wireless headsets, and one of them is the Jabra PRO 930. Normally, Jabra creates a lot of Bluetooth headsets and occasional speakers, but the PRO 930 is designed for telephony services like Skype. The PRO 930 comes with a stand that can be plugged into a computer for charging and syncing. Not only is it good to use with an adjustable headband for a …

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