Fair Use DVD backup wizard

by Marc

A new version of the FairUse wizard is out. This tool does a pretty good job of backing up your DVDs to various AVI formats in it’s free guise. Paying for the more advanced version gets you more control over the finished product. It’s a lot simpler to use than many of the other offerings out there, although in the end they are all capable of producing similar output. There’s …

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NASA World Wind

by Al

NASA Cloud Cover

This is cool. Google recently let us have the excellent and free Google Earth, which is great fun and also an educational tool for young and old alike. I often sit down with my daughter and fly around the world planning the next dream holiday. NASA are probably as well known as Google but probably don’t have quite the same sort of marketing muscle but their World Wind application could …

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Google Talk

by Al

Google Talk

Seems like Google are pretty busy these days sticking fingers in as many pies as possible. In the last couple of months they have released the excellent Google Earth, a big revision to their Desktop Search and now they are entering the IM (Instant Messanger) market with the all new Google Talk.

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