Amazon updates their Cloud Drive Desktop app

by Edwin

Well, if you have yet to enjoy the wonders of the cloud, perhaps it is time to do so, and what better way to start than with a name that most folks are more than familiar with, even more so, trust? Amazon has their Cloud Drive app out for some time already, and now, they have introduced yet another update for the Cloud Drive Desktop app that will introduce a …

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by Edwin

Do you remember when web email kicked off in the early days of dial up connectivity? Yes sir, everyone wanted and rushed for an email address, and the younger (and more foolish, I might add) ones among us realized that all of the cool email usernames were already taken, leaving us to agree to whatever the machine’s reasoning threw our way, such as [email protected] or [email protected], where they all sound …

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Facebook announces Graph Search

by Edwin

Now, I know that social networks are very different from what we normally serve up here, but this news is a wee bit too popular to not talk about – with Facebook announcing their very own social network search capability that comes in the form of Graph Search. Basically, Graph Search would empower Facebook users to have the relevant tools in order to map out their relationships with the people …

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“Take a Break” Says Your Computer

by Alison

Face it, we work too much. We stare at our computer screens and get completely sucked in. It is easy to do.  You know you have done it. You are working away at your computer and looked up only to realize that 3, 4, 5 or more hours have passed. Experts say that our attention spans are not built for it. So if we can’t remind ourselves to take a …

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Fuzz Internet Radio – Wanna be a DJ?

by Julie

I hardly listen to regular FM radio anymore. With all the free internet radio options, Pandora being one of my all time fave’s, couple that with satellite radio and all the tunes I have downloaded to my various iDevices and I though I pretty much had all my musical needs covered. Well, I have been wrong before (of course that was when I thought I was wrong and wasn’t) but …

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Phoenix Photo Recovery v5 – I Want my Pictures Back!

by Julie

I have a memory thats burned into my head, it’s a picture of my daughter when she was around 4, and she had just caught her very first fish. I remember it not so much because of the fish, but because that particular picture was accidentally erased from the memory card. I was horrified that I made the mistake, but I guess quite a few of us know the feeling.

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Tesco announces interactive virtual grocery store at Gatwick Airport

by Edwin

The name Tesco is famous not only in the UK, but in many other countries around the world for offering lower prices of everyday items and groceries while you shop in a comfortable environment. I myself tend to get my weekly grocery shopping done over at Tesco, as the kind of goods that they have on offer tend to be fresh, not to mention being easy on the wallet. Well, …

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Mind Controlled Movie Director

by Edwin

The mind’s power should not be underestimated in any way, and while we are still some ways off from the standard issue mind controlled computer (mouse and keyboard manufacturers would certainly loathe such an idea, as they would no longer have the relevant wares to sell to computer users), here is something that might just pique your interest. I am talking about the $129.95 Mind Controlled Movie Director which will …

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