Google Blog Search

by Al

Two posts on the trot without an image, I must be slipping. Google have just expanded their impressive range of search services by releasing Google Blog Search and as with most Google products it’s in Beta. With Google’s purchase of Blogger it seemed inevitable that that they would combine their existing search technology with blogs, though I am surprised it took this long. The search isn’t just limited to blogger …

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Wi-Fi faster than Ethernet

by Al

Airgo Networks have just announced a new WiFi chip that boasts speeds up to 240 Mbps, that is over 2 times as fast as standard Ethernet and 5 times more speedy than existing WiFi solutions. It uses MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple Output) technology which basically means it has multiple antennas for both sending and receiving. As with existing Wifi solutions actual throughput is significantly less than the maximum speed, but even …

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FreeWorld Dialup (FWD)

by Keith

FreeWorld Dialup

FreeWorldDialup (or FWD) is one of the popular and widely-used telephony software in the market available. From time to time, FWD has presented new features and functionality to the program. On top of FWD, the Pulver communicator is also used as the software to utilise the free VoIP service, as compared from that of Skype’s.

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First views on Firefox 1.5 Beta 1

by Al


Mozilla’s Firefox 1.5 beta was released today to the surprise of many, and those who awaits the promising new feature of the popular web browser. It has been released to the community, especially for Web application developers, and extension developers. Home users can also make use of the availability to try out this new web browser

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GNOME 2.12 is Out

by Al

Gnome 2.12

GNOME have just released a new version (2.12 ) of the their award winning desktop environment and development tools for Linux (and UNIX). It looks to have various fixes and improvements over previous versions. In the release notes they even say how they have improved the mines games, now the first click is guaranteed not to be mine, now how nice is that little attention to detail. You can download …

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New Skype Beta

by Al

VOIP (Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)) is becoming the in thing at the moment due to the money it can save you with free international telephone calls. Skype is one of the leaders of this growing technology boasting 161,473,977 downloads of their software so far and increasing by the second. The latest beta version released yesterday boosts: Our call quality is the best ever for talking, laughing and sharing stories. …

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Guess the Google

by Al

Guess The Google

I’m often amazed at the things Google release and I’m equally fascinated at services, tools and games that are dreamt up by people using the Google search engine and API. Guess the Google is a really simple (as many of the best are) but addictive game. To play you have to work out (or guess) the keyword used to find 20 pictures on Google Images. This may sound easy but …

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Useful security on a USB flash drive?

by Marc

Bio USB drive

USB flash drives are nothing new and they’ve been offering some sort of secure partition or encryption for a while now. Some of them have even used fingerprint recognition. But guess what – the security functions of them all are completely useless on anything except the PC you’ve installed the drivers onto! It’s great having my email / site passwords / personal details with me, but if I can’t access …

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