SpeedFan 4.26 for your PC

by Keith

How would you like to be able to control your temperature of your PC to avoid over-heating? SpeedFan is freeware program that allows user to monitor fan speeds, temperatures and even voltages in computers, equipped with hardware monitoring chips. In addition, SpeedFan also could access S.M.A.R.T. information on the hard disks (provided they supports this feature) to display its temperatures too. Although SpeedFan is a hardware monitoring application, the most …

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Fog Creek Copilot

by Marc


You know the scene. The phone rings and that computationally challenged friend / relative / coworker is in trouble. They’ve bought something, installed it and now the screen is asking them all kinds of funny questions. They clicked “yes” to something and all kinds of strange things are happening. Oh, and they’re 1/2 hours drive away and they have something urgent to do tomorrow and could you please help them …

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Quintet TFT Displays

by Al

5 TFTs

I’ve had a dual TFT set-up for quite a while and couldn’t work without it. I will upgrade to triple TFTs at some point in the future once funds allow. That is until I saw these 5 TFT models, they make my dual TFTs look like something out of the dark ages. Just imagine the sheer amount of information you could display on that desktop (though you may need binoculars …

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Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse

by Keith

Logitech MX518

If you are a gamer playing at the highest level, you will definitely not want to miss this. The Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse will provide you with the extra cutting-edge between an endless winning spree and a runner-up position. Equipped with ultra-high resolution of 1600-dpi Logitech MX Optical Engine, the mouse delivers a lightning-fast response and mirror-smooth tracking function. In addition, you get instantaneous on-the-fly adjustment that allows effortless …

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Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera (DCS-6620G)

by Keith

D-Link Wireless Internet Camera

As one of the leading provider of wired and wireless IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, D-Link once again introduces another new member of the SECURICAM Network family of the Internet Cameras: the DCS-6620G. Featuring Wireless G capability (802.11g wireless connectivity) with 10x optical zoom lens, this Internet camera also features dual codec support, built-in microphone, and low light-sensitivity. With its small size, it sits easily undetected in a corner. This device …

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Watson 2.0 from Intellext to compete with Sidebars

by Keith

Watson 2.0

Intellext has announced to launch Watson 2.0 on Friday. Recognised to work as a sidebar, Watson 2.0 is designed to artificially understand the content of the text that any Personal Computer (PC) user is reading or creating, and automatically offers relevant news articles, Word documents, and other Web- or PC-based information for the user. Unlike Google’s Desktop (Sidebar) service as databases were occasionally exchanging with Google servers, Watson 2.0 offers …

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Asus P5WD2 Premum motherboard

by Marc


I’m not happy – not happy at all. The P5WD2 is Asus’s top end intel motherboard, based on the new 955X chipset. It’s been well reviewed all over the net but I’ve had nothing but problems with mine. Initially I had random problems getting past the BIOS POST – sometimes it would insist it had been overclocked (it hadn’t) and moan about settings. I think I sorted that out by …

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The USB Powered Massage Ball

by Anita


We all have stress whether we are students sitting in front of our computers seeking out information for that term paper, working for a demanding boss, or just stressing out playing online games. Yes, playing bingo can be stressful when you get close to winning a thousand dollars. But, what can you do? You sure can’t jump up and run to get a massage or take a shower to relieve …

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