LCD Programmable keyboard – sort of!

by Marc

A few months ago a series of images did the rounds purporting to be a keyboard with a programmable LCD display on each key. As far as I know that one (unfortunately) isn’t in production but United Keys today announced something on the same theme. The 205 pro is a regular QWERTY keyboard with programmable LCD displays on the function keys. Neat idea but I suspect it won’t get an …

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Sonos Digital Music System

by Al

Sonos Digital Music System

I don’t know a single gadget head that hasn’t got a large collection of online music. The first thing I do when I get a CD (bought or borrowed) is rip it. Gee even my mother has an MP3 player. It’s fine having a large collection of music but if you only ever listen to it out of the tinny speakers that came with your PC then you’re just not …

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Xbox media center

by Marc


Forget the usual “Media boxes” made by the likes of Pinnacle, D-link, Linksys etc. They’re not that cheap, they have a very restricted set of connection options (who, in this day and age, connects a TV up with the composite video cable?) and most importantly they don’t play back half the file formats that I have lying around on my system. No, what you need to do is pick up …

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Attensa – RSS Reader for Microsoft Outlook

by Keith


A RSS reader for Microsoft Outlook. Attensa for Outlook is one of the few RSS news reader and news aggregator to provide integration of RSS capability into Microsoft Outlook, that brings up-to-date news and content from website, blogs, and Podcast sites, directly into Microsoft Outlook.

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Customised greeting cards

by Marc


Is this a gadget? Not really, but it is cool so at least it’s halfway there! Moonpig is an online greetings card company with a difference – they will personalise the text of the card for you. On the surface that may not seem like anything special but the nice thing about these guys is that the cards are exactly the same as the ones you can buy over the …

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NEC Water-based Cooled Desktop Released

by Keith

NEC Water-Cooled Desktop

Water-based cooling systems have been known to be part of today’s electronic equipment, such as cars and automobiles. However, Japanese PC makers, NEC, feels that consumer PCs should also benefit from same technology, especially with extreme high heat dissipation from fast processing chips. Over-clockers will find this very useful.

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Sony 2 GB Memory Stick Costs Less

by Keith

MSX-M2GS 2 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo

The MSX-M2GS Memory Stick PRO Duo from media from Sony introduces 2 GB of storage for today’s memory-hungry devices, such as compact digital camera, portable audio devices, Sony PSP Handheld equipment, and even as flash memory storage for files. One of this may cost less than $200.

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Google Blog Search

by Al

Two posts on the trot without an image, I must be slipping. Google have just expanded their impressive range of search services by releasing Google Blog Search and as with most Google products it’s in Beta. With Google’s purchase of Blogger it seemed inevitable that that they would combine their existing search technology with blogs, though I am surprised it took this long. The search isn’t just limited to blogger …

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