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Computers are still evolving at an amazing pace (thank you Moore’s Law). PC and laptop accessories also seem to grow at the same alarming rate. Read here for the latest findings in the PC sector of the gadget world from desktops and laptops to gaming and a/v accessories and even some quirky and fun stuff.


The Talelight Electronic Bumper Sticker will let you change your opinions

by Caitlyn - on March 22nd, 2017

Bumper stickers have long since been a way of communicating your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the state of the world in a very public manner. You can cheer on a politician, encourage people to smile, or give warning that others are too close behind your car for your liking, all from a paper sticker on your bumper. The problem with this form of communication is that the sticker is going to fade from exposure to the elements, and your opinion on the content of the sticker might one day change.

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Logitech G Pro mechanical gaming keyboard caters for professional gamers

by Edwin

logitech-g-proWhen it comes to a gaming keyboard, each gamer has his or her preferred brand for reasons only known to them. Some might find it to suit their gaming style and physiological make up perfectly, while others might want to lean on brand loyalty all the time. Logitech has come very far in the world of gaming peripherals, and the Logitech G Pro is the latest mechanical gaming keyboard from the Swiss brand that will definitely up the ante when it comes to your gaming enjoyment.

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EPI BDM4037UW monitor comes with MultiView and delivers 4K resolution

by Edwin

BDM4037UWPhilips are well known for their range of computer monitors, and hence it is no surprise that the spanking new Philips Brilliance BDM4037UW 40” Ultra HD Monitor is something that will definitely change the way you see things digitally — in a literal manner. This particular display is touted to be the largest 4K curved computer monitor in its class that is on the market at the moment, where it will arrive chock-full of the latest viewing technology. Some of them include the Ultra Wide-Color Technology that is more than able to deliver a wider spectrum of colors for a true-to-life picture.

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SLIDE reveals new range of hybrid laptops

by Edwin

slide-lap116A laptop is not just a laptop in this day and age. If you were to notice, the trend of having hybrid laptops have been growing from strength to strength in the past few years, with notable manufacturers like Lenovo taking point in this particular market. So far, Apple have refrained from this 2-in-1 hybrid laptop concept that will see a regular laptop transform into a tablet because of the extremely versatile hinge, perhaps not to cannibalize on their own iPad market. Still, on the Windows front, there are many other players who are more than willing to take this step, and SLIDE is one of them with the SLIDE LAP116.

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AOC reveals pair of new Agon monitors

by Edwin

aoc-agonSo you are an avid gamer who would want nothing but the very best when it comes to the kind of hardware used in your gaming sessions. You have got the very best CPU and video card that are in the market right now, and so too, are your mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse that have been rated to last many millions of clicks without breaking down. One thing’s left — making sure that the gaming monitor you use is the right kind. AOC has come up with not just one, but two 24-inch Agon monitors for folks in the US.

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2017 LG Gram Notebooks Revealed

by Edwin

2017-lg-gramOwning a laptop is something that most of us already have — but to have a laptop that is able to get the job done while looking sleek at it, now that’s a totally different story. LG might be famous for their collection of consumer electronics, but how many of us actually know that they too, manufacture notebooks? The 2017 LG Gram notebooks are here to wow you, offering a trio of screen sizes to choose from, in addition to touchscreen capability, and a superior battery life.

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Targus reveals powered docking stations for improved productivity

by Edwin

targus-docking-stationTargus is a name that we often associate with laptop accessories, as evident from the past products that the company has rolled out. Well, this time around, things are a little bit more different, with the launch of powered docking stations that will be able to fuel a more flexible workspace. In other words, can employers expect productivity to rise with the presence of these powered docking stations? I suppose the standard answer would be “Yes”, although it would really take a trial run to see if it lives up to such lofty expectations or not. To know more about these Targus powered docking stations, why not take a closer look at them right after the jump.

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Razer updates their Blade laptop

by Edwin

razer-blade-2017Razer continues to blaze a trail with their latest gaming laptop, the Razer Blade. This new iteration will obviously feature brand new parts and innards which will raise its performance, helping gamers get their gaming kicks in wherever they are without having to worry about choppy frame rates or laggy performance. The latest version of the Razer Blade is touted to arrive with an updated CPU, faster memory as well as a brand new 4K UHD screen option. As a result, gamers who are always on the move will be able to enjoy a perfect balance of power, mobility and durability, alongside the now-signature elegant Razer Blade profile.

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