Dynahand does away with passwords

by Edwin

Remembering all your passwords can be a pretty tricky process, don’t you think? Gone are the days where all you needed to have in your mind was your Social Security number, a couple of phone numbers (landed lines mind you), and perhaps a birthday or two. These days, you have tons of email addresses to attend to (both corporate and personal), various logins for a whole ton of websites as …

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Canon Announces New Printers for Photo printing and more

by James

Canon MP740

Canon has announced new printers which promise greater resolution and performance as the electronics giant continues to focus on photo printing options for it’s users. The printers include two additions to it’s Pixma Line and a stand alone Photoprinter. The Pixma MP470 and MP210 are all in one printers which cost $100 and $80 respectively. They have an output of 4800 x 1200 dpi, can scan images at 2400 x …

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Jasper Keynote, the ultimate Presentation Laser

by Edwin


Ah, presentations. Nearly everyone has gone through a corporate event before, where some guy standing in front is rambling on and on without any sign of stopping while you try to combat a strange feeling of sleepiness that has suddenly enveloped you for no reason. Other than fancy animation and sound, the only way a presentation can really catch your attention would be: – the upcoming tea break where they …

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Solar Powered Wind Turbine (kit)

by Al

Sole Turbine

Being eco friendly is the cool thing to do, so to show off your greenness why not build a wind turbine for your office, with the solar powered wind turbine kit. As you don’t normally get much wind in an office (depending on who you’re sat next to), the turbines are powered by the power of the sun (or that florescent strip above), so it might not be saving any …

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The Nerf Maverick – ideal for the occasional office rampage

by Andi

the Nerf Maverick

ThinkGeek have stocked up on weapons again. This time they’ve got something that appeals to western fans (it’s a revolver) and sharpshooters alike. Continue reading to see what this baby packs and for a very nice and inspiring video clip. Your daily office torment is about to end. By your own power, as well!

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Cubicle Periscope

by Al


Here’s another cool gadget for you cubicle warriors, Sportscope : the cubicle periscope. As you may be able to tell by its name, the Sportscope is aimed at sport enthusiasts so they can watch the action even when being hustled behind hundreds of other sweaty like minded people. However Think Geek saw the benefits that the Sportscope offers to the cubicly confined. So next time you want to do a …

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