Find One Find All reduces time spent looking for things

by James

With everything the modern gadget freak has on their mind these days, is it any wonder that it’s easy to lose keys, wallets, remote controls, or just about anything else? According to recent statistics, the average person spends hours every year looking for lost things. That’s valuable time that can be spent doing more productive things, like reading! The people at Melbourne Design in Australia have invented the Find …

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When it comes to furniture, Pottery Barn has back to school in mind

by James

Pottery Barn Furnishings #1

It’s no secret that College and music go together like Steak and baked potatoes. But with today’s budding coed being wired with their iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, digital camera, laptop and more, the desk can get a tad cluttered. And let’s face it, in college living space is often at a premium. Pottery Barn is seeking to work within the confines of the average dorm room with their “Smart Technology” line …

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Office stationary gets eyes and mouth

by Edwin


Venture into any office and you’ll probably be greeted with the same old setting – rows of files, clusters of paper all round, and a bland looking desktop environment. What better way to spruce up your desktop than with these “Bring It To Life” stickers? Coming in a variety of eyes and mouths, you’ll be able to add a dash of personality to everyday stationary items like staplers and the …

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Clutter-Free Printer Caddy for fewer headaches

by Edwin


The office desk is more often than not an extremely messy place, but this Clutter-free Printer Caddy helps to keep things organized by storing paper, ink cartridges, and other print necessities under one roof, or should I say, shelf. Your printer sits pretty at the top (we’re talking about personal printers here and not those monstrous industrial ones) while everything else is stored at the bottom. The Printer Caddy comes …

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Brando readies USB Can Cooler And Warmer

by Edwin


Brando has yet another interesting yet useful gadget to have by your computer, and this time it is the USB Can Cooler And Warmer. Perfect for people on either spectrum who want their hot drinks to remain just that – hot, while folks who love a cold can of cola wish to maintain that coolness minus the diluting effects of ice. The USB Can Cooler And Warmer fits the bill …

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Desktop Trebuchet spells trouble

by Edwin


Our medieval forefathers certainly had a swinging good time in the fields, and I don’t mean sitting down idly while watching the different constellations with a horn of wine in one hand. No sir, they loved swinging their weapons around – ranging from a heavy two-handed battle axe to a huge sword. Casualties on the battlefield back then were really high, and there was no CNN in those days to …

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Numbers shake into existence

by Edwin


We know of solar-powered calculators, but here’s a unique proposition as it uses Faraday’s Principle of Electromagnetic Energy to power itself. All you need to do is shake this primitive number cruncher from side to side, enabling the magnet within to slide through the copper coil in order to generate electricity for your calculations. Should the numbers on the LCD display start to dim, just pick it up and shake …

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Desktop Replacement Docking stand concept

by Edwin


Adam Ohern has concocted the Desktop Replacement Docking stand (known as the DTR) which offers users the ability to turn any tablet in its open form to a desktop whenever the situation permits. When mounted neatly into the docking port, all of the tablet’s power and port functions are transposed over to the DTR, ensuring you don’t lose one bit of USB connectivity. The entire setup consists of a pair …

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