Get your true colors with Real Life Color Picker

by James

In Photoshop, there’s a little pen which will copy the color settings of anything on your monitor screen so you can use it as your color in the program. Well, think of the Real Life Color Picker as … well, a real life version of just that – only for the real world.

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D-Link unveils router with CAPTCHA

by Edwin


Security threats to your computer at home these days just aren’t limited to viruses being transmitted from floppies, they range from surfing less than desirable sites to downloading cracks and patches (basically, anything illegal is a prime suspect for malicious scripts and spyware to be installed on your machine without your knowledge). Apart from that, newer forms of Internet security attacks on home and small office computers include compromising networks …

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LaCie offers new strides in network storage solutions

by Edwin


LaCie is no stranger when it comes to network storage solutions and here they are with yet another two more devices in the form of the LaCie 2big Network and the LaCie 5big Network. Among the product upgrades include improved performance, enhanced features, comprehensive backup support, and extreme capacity expansion. Both models will offer customers an easier setup experience alongside a host of methods to archive, access, and share large …

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The antique recreation Fargo Fan

by Ally


Having a fan around is always nice and this one would make a classy addition to any office or home.  It was originally created in the 1920’s specifically for bankers.  The Fargo Fan was made to give a really nice breeze, while at the same time not blowing around their paperwork.  Making it a still convenient choice for anyone who messes with paperwork in their office quite often.  This isn’t …

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Spread Tweet: An Excel-ed Twitter

by Mark R


I almost feel bad for reporting on this next product, as it is one of those that encourages a double-life. This is for all of those people out there who are addicted to Twitter, but have bosses who don’t approve of any personal use of computers on “company time”. Yeah, as if any company can own time! On second thought, I highly endorse this product, because I know what it …

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Tape Dispenser is also 4-port USB Hub

by Ally


Although like many people I have tape tossed in the back of my desk drawer, some people use it more often.  For those that do, it may end up staying out on your desk quite often.  Then if you have to have a USB hub on top it, you’re slowly acquiring more and more clutter on your desktop.  If you like things nice and simple then an overwhelming amount of …

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Spy Camera Pen

by Edwin


Watched too many spy movies that you wish you had your very own Q along with a collection of toys and gadgets that would put James Bond to shame? Why not start off with the Spy Camera Pen that is able to hold up to 15 hours of footage, where it also doubles up as a fully functional pen to put down your John Hancock on those official government documents. …

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Samsung announces N110 and N120 netbooks

by Edwin


The world of netbooks sure have grown by leaps and bounds ever since the Asus Eee PC 701 made its appearance a couple of years back, and just about every major notebook manufacturer have jumped aboard the bandwagon and come up with their own version to compete against one another. Samsung is not exactly one of the more mainstream names when it comes to notebooks, but their netbooks have made …

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