Magnetic Golf

by Edwin

So the weather outside is not what you envisioned for you to shoot a few rounds of golf – what do you do then? Fret not, you can still enjoy your golf game via Magnetic Golf, where you can always kill some time at the office with this £11.99 toy. Besides your little magnetic golfer himself (apparently there’s no female version of him – that’s not very representative, now is …

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Planon DocuPen Xtreme X-Series line unveiled

by Edwin


Planon is back, better than ever with their new DocuPen Xtreme X-Series line of scanning pens that will come in the form of the X05, X10 and X50, where any one of the three will bring portable scanning power to the next level of efficiency. Capable of supporting image resolutions of up to 600 dpi (up to 1,200 dpi for the X50), all three of them will be powered by …

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The Vertical Bed lets you literally sleep standing up

by Mark R


Imagine walking the streets of New York City and seeing this guy. If you were a true New Yorker, you would probably just walk on by, assuming you even noticed him in the first place. As an “out-of-towner”, I probably would just assume that this man had some disability that required him to wear metal braces on his neck and…backside, and would probably not ask him about it. Actually, this …

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LED Table Lamp plugs into phone jack

by Ally


Although the first thing most people notice is the nauseatingly pink color of this lamp, the lamp does actually have plenty to offer.  I’m one that dislikes the idea of being stuck completely in the dark whenever the power goes out and it actually happens quite a bit.  This lamp doesn’t use power in the same way that your average lamp would.  Instead, it plugs into your phone jack.

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Timeclock and door lock use facial recognition

by Mark R


I once worked at a place that required me to have an ID card. I had to swipe it just to prove that I had showed up to work, and I couldn’t even get through the front door without it. If I forgot my ID card, it was a big hassle to explain myself to human resources, not to mention the waiting for someone to open the door for me. …

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Pure Lady Portable Massage Chair

by Ally


A day at the office isn’t exactly something most people would find soothing.  However, with this Pure Lady massage chair, it could be exactly that.  You could stay calm and cool, all the while working on your latest project.  This chair massages all the right places and is still capable of being tucked into a corner and out of your way entirely.

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Brother unleashes “Simply Stylish” P-Touch labelers

by Edwin


Brother is more often synonymous with printers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their fingers dipped in other items. Take for instance, their latest range of releases that fall under the “Simply Stylish” series of P-Touch labelers. These devices enable users to explore their creative side when it comes to the labeling process, where the trio of them – the PT-90, PT-1090 and PT-1290, will feature multiple “Deco Mode” …

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Visioneer Strobe 500

by Edwin


Visioneer is a well known name and a leader in intelligent document imaging solutions, having announced their latest device known as the Strobe 500. What is the STrobe 500, exactly? Well, it is a new mobile duplex color scanner that comes with a docking station that was developed with dual platform support for Windows and Mac operating systems. It will boast a 20-page automatic document feeder (ADF) alongside the capability …

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