Epson wants you to get printing with more all-in-one models

by Edwin

Epson knows that good quality printers are hard to come by these days, and they being an old hand in the industry, intends to spice it up with more all-in-one models. We’re talking about the new range of Artisan all-in-ones, namely the Artisan 835 and Artisan 725. It seems that Epson has done a little bit of market research on their own, and the results were in their favor (obviously), …

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Rubber Bandit Pen makes you king of the cubicles

by Edwin

The Rubber Bandit Pen is different from the rest, as it not only allows you to pen down your John Hancock in style, it also lets you shoot rubber bands at pesky cubicle mates all around with greater accuracy compared to using just your fingers as what one would normally do. Unlike other toys that often requires you to purchase batteries separately, the Rubber Bandit Pen is different since each …

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POD Lamp with docking station

by Ally

If you’re trying to set up a desk in a dorm room you have to be smart about the space you use up.  That usually means working solely on a laptop and all of your other gadgets need to do double duty.  This POD Lamp might be worth adding to the list of gadgets to pick up before August comes around.  The light moves to all sorts of angles, plus …

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Steampunk iRetrofone iPhone Base

by Ally

Finding the proper iPhone dock to really represent your iPhone can be tricky business.  Especially if you’re a very particular person who prefers to keep their gadgets as unique as humanly possible.  Thankfully there are enough hard working men and women out there that strive to make interesting accessories for all sorts of gadgets.  One example of that is the iRetrophone-Steampunk iPhone Base.

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Portable office for the easily movable workspace

by Mark R

As a professional blogger, I don’t really have an office per se. In fact, all I really need to do my job are three things: a laptop, an electrical outlet, and a stable Wi-Fi hotspot. However, I used to work for “the man”, and there is one thing that I know about corporations: never have permanent office space. Perhaps you work in an office where there is this unnecessary shuffling …

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Dog Lamp Desk Organizer

by Ally

If you’re feeling a little crafty, this could make a weekend project for those of you not scared off by wiring jobs.  This isn’t a kit that’s up for purchase, but the idea might be enough to give you some ideas on how to make your own version of this sort of thing.  This dog design makes it perfect for kids who want to have their own desk space to …

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Pivot Power Creative Outlet

by Ally

Power strips never want to budge, they just stay stick straight.  Well thankfully Quirky Products is offering a new solution.  This one will be able to move and conform to any shape that pleases you.  It’ll make stashing it into small spaces a whole lot easier than the straight strips.  You can even just put it in a zig-zag shape for silly decorative reasons.

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Ziotek Glowing End Power Strip Liberator

by Ally

I have never needed to unplug and replug things in so often that I require a light up connector to help me find the plug and power strip.  However, if you’re often underneath your desk and seem to lose cords, this might make your life a little more simple.  Plus you’ll have a bit of a night light for those dark corners.

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