Aroma USB – Freshen Your Space and Your Mood

by Julie

One of my first jobs was working in a huge office in one of those little cubicles. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the guy that worked directly across from me didn’t bring the most horrific things into the workplace to have for lunch. I’m talking liver and onion leftovers, some sort of day old curry and a runny brown concoction that I never was able to identify. I …

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Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can

by Edwin

You know, if there is one way to get rid of all the trash in the world, we might as well be a Time Lord and travel to the future, where the folks there would have figured out how to vaporize trash the safe and clean way, or at least have some means to keep the earth green. Dump all our rubbish there and that’s that. Unfortunately, since time travel …

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Study Aids

by Alison

Get the students in your life, ready for the hours of studying with these gizmos:


Study All Night

There’s nothing like having to stay up all night and cram for a test – while your light sensitive roommate sleeps. Make it a non-issue with this 3 pack of clip on LED book lights from GE. They can clip to a paperback, hardback or an e-reader. You’ll get 10,000 hours of use out of each light, plenty of time to get you through school. And the great part is the 3-pack is only $19.18 at Amazon.



Give Eyes a Break

Every hard studying student needs a break. Whether staring at notes or a computer screen the strain on eyes can take its toll. What a better way to take a break than with an eye massage witht he Breo Breeze ISee 180-Hi-Tech Digital Eye & Temple Massager. This must have device uses principles of acupuncture to apply heat and vibration and gently massage and improve oxygen supply and circulation. It even has a built in MP3 player to keep your chill tunes on while relaxing. Breo has a full line of products including more expensive options, but at $34.99 on Amazon the ISee 180 is perfect for students.


Get the Edge with Lightwedge:

Make reading the fine print a cinch with this pocket sized magnifier. A powerful LED ensures that you can see what you magnify as well. Lightwedge is available in 10 colors and at just $8.97 on Amazon it is a must for students young and old.

Dorm Room Devices

by Alison

No dorm room is complete without these unique additions.

Be On Time, If You Think Fast

Quick! What is 198/66? It’s time for your next class! Distance to the center of the Milky Way (in kpc)? Time to go out! The Pop Quiz Clock will make you and your dormmates double take – and think – when telling time. This 11.5” diameter wall clock is available in both math and science versions for just $26.99 at With a chalkboard feel and painted equations fits into any quirky environment. So keep yourself sharp, and on time.



Keep a Case (and More) Cool

Dorm room fridges inevitably store more than just canned beverages. You’ve got leftovers, milk, water, science projects. Cans however deserve their own space. A good college student always has chilled cans of their favorite drink on the ready. The $139.99 Koolatron 28-can Capacity Fridge, available on Amazon, can keep you chillin’. This lightweight, Coca-Cola themed device conveniently fits on a counter or on the floor. Thermoelectric cooling means no noisy compressor. And with a separate adaptor it can even go in the car. Shelves are removable should the need exist. And an LED readout with front panel controls mean your bevies will always be the temperature you want.


Let’s Whiteboard It 

College becomes the land of roommate communication, group projects and creative artwork. So dorm room should be complete without a whiteboard. Whether small, for leaving messages, or floor-to-ceiling to plan your future multi-million dollar startup a reusable surface is convenient. WhiteyBoard prepares you for whatever your need is with a variety of stick-on whiteboards. Their unique whiteboard sticker means you can apply it anywhere! Walls, doors, floors, ceilings, you name it and WhiteyBoard – founded by guys when they were in college – is there. Small WhiteyBoards start at $9.99 and run over $100, depending on size. So visit WhiteyBoard and find the perfect fit for your room. Don’t want to stick? No problem. Dry Erase paint is also available so you can turn the entire wall into your canvas.

Wrap Your Straps with Kool Strapz

by Alison

Young and old alike own bags and backpacks. But inevitably they all begin to look the same. Ever grabbed the wrong bag while leaving a packed conference room? I am certain many of you have made return trips to school to track down a missing backpack of a little one. Now there is a “kool” accessory that will help avoid those mishaps and let you, or the student in your …

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iConvert Scanner – Digitizes Docs for iPad

by Julie

Let’s face it, the iPad is an awesome little gadget, but it certainly does have its limitations. For all the things it can do, it seems like there’s a whole lot of potential left on the table. Some of that untapped potential is getting realized by third parties who are developing interesting apps and add-ons that make the iPad even more useful. So in investigating some of the available “gadgets …

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P&P Office Waste Processor – Scrap Paper in, Pencils out

by Julie

My kid is constantly raiding my printer for paper. I probably wouldn’t mind as much as I do, if it weren’t for the fact that said paper keeps winding up with a bunch of useless scribbles on it all over my desk top, and then to make matters worse, when I go to print something… well you know how it goes. It’s certainly not just my lovely child, there is …

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USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard – Put some Old School in your High Tech

by Julie

I’ll lie if you ask me in person, but on paper I’m not afraid to admit that I grew up before computers, took typing lessons in high school and always envisioned myself writing the great American novel on an old typewriter in a cherry paneled study. I still have that old typewriter, now it seems, I just have to write the darn book. Check out the USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard, a genuine …

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