Comfortably Nap Anywhere!

by Alison

“I love a good nap. Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. ” A classic quote from George Costanza on Seinfeld. Recall the episode where he builds a little nap area under his desk. There was space for his blanket, alarm clock, even a cup.  Face it. Few of us get enough sleep. Napping anywhere sure would help on certain occasions.

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A More Comfortable Backpack

by Alison

Have you checked out the backpacks kids are carrying to school lately? The amount of stuff that high school kids have to tote around is ridiculous. And – in the case of my Freshman nephew – if the locker is not nearby the classrooms they are stuck schlepping all books with them.  Or how about college students? Maybe your dorm is across campus from where you need books. Backpacks have …

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Air Mail Launcher

by Edwin

You know, sometimes working in an office with nothing but row after row of cubicles can get rather stifling. Back in the days where computers were not commonplace, and there was no such thing as a network (Intranet or Internet), sending one message to another person in the quickest way within the same office block would be through the phone’s extension line. The thing is, you will need to actually …

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Flexible, Yet Strong

by Alison

I am a big fan of concepts and projects. Which is why I am happy to report on a device that blew away its Kickstarter goal (raised $212,265 on a goal of $9,800 including sale of 10,000 units). What a better indicator of a product with a big future. Just when you thought you could not bear another way to charge a smartphone let me introduce the Bobine line of …

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Ferrofluid Magnetic Display

by Edwin

No matter how old you are, surely the child in you still yearns to play. After all, we learn best when we play, and even in the animal kingdom, basic survival skills are picked up when a litter of puppies or kittens (big cats in the wild, too) play with one another. As for humans, here is one desktop toy that you might want to purchase for yourself or as …

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Office Chair Strength Trainer

by Edwin

Sitting in front of the computer at your work desk all day long is no fun, as any office drone can attest to that. Well, for folks who feel that they need to stretch a bit around the cubicle, or simply want to make sure that their muscles and joints are in flexible working order, how about placing an order for the $199.95 Office Chair Strength Trainer? This unique strength …

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Aroma USB – Freshen Your Space and Your Mood

by Julie

One of my first jobs was working in a huge office in one of those little cubicles. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the guy that worked directly across from me didn’t bring the most horrific things into the workplace to have for lunch. I’m talking liver and onion leftovers, some sort of day old curry and a runny brown concoction that I never was able to identify. I …

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