AT&T to offer BlackBerry Z10 this March 22nd

by Edwin

What used to be one of the major smartphone manufacturers in the world is now nothing but a pale shadow of itself, and I am referring to the company formerly known as Research In Motion, or RIM for short, that hails from the Great White North. Well, RIM changed their name recently at the end of January this year to just BlackBerry, in an effort to be able to better …

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Know the Temp Where You Are

by Alison

Personal thermometers rock. If you visit my parent’s house my dad will happily tell you from the device on his table that the temperature outside is 44.2 degrees. Much more accurate than ‘low 40s’ that the TV people say. I am sure most of us consult our weather app on our phone regularly. And I am fairly sure that many of those times the temperature is not accurate. Phone makers …

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Gresso Cruiser Titanium White

by Edwin

If you feel that you have plenty of spare cash lying around, not knowing how to spend it, you can always make a one-off donation to our bank account, or perhaps if you are in need of a spanking new handset, then perhaps you can check out the new Gresso Cruiser Titanium White that offers not only elegance but femininity as well. The thing is, just make sure you have …

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NUU MiniKey for iPhone 5

by Edwin

Ever since Apple rolled out the first generation iPhone back in 2007, the world has more or less had to get used to typing on a virtual keyboard where their smartphones are concerned. Not only that, we have also seen the decline of the QWERTY keyboard on such devices that come in a slide-out design, or are part of the physical make up right from the get go. Thing is, …

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A Case for a World Traveler

by Alison

Ever notice that SIM cards keep getting smaller and smaller? You know that they will eventually end up about the size of a pinhead or something ridiculous. The small SIM card does not prove a problem for most of us since it pretty much just lives in the phone. But there are a batch of international travelers out there who do see their card on a regular basis. Whether going …

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Look Your 8-Bit Best

by Alison

Sure, technology moves at a quick pace these days. New phones and tablets come out weekly. But that does not mean you have to throw away the past. Expressing our true love of all things techy yet retro means we can acknowledge our geekiness of today while paying homage to tech roots of yesteryear. Big Big Pixel features some tech accessories from product designer Mike Mak that will do exactly …

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PowerSkin for iPhone 5 is super slim

by Edwin

So, you have gotten yourself a spanking new iPhone 5, and to your amazement, you realize that this has been the smartphone which you have been looking out all this while. Thing is, with the sheer number of apps as well as functionality that keeps you glued to your handset most of the day (to the chagrin of your missus, I might add) had you realize that the iPhone 5 …

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Driver’s Cell Phone Signal Booster

by Edwin

If there is one cardinal sin that all driver should not do, it would be to talk on your handset with one hand holding the phone, while the other controls the steering wheel. Sure, if you happen to be seated at the back seat with a chauffeur in front, by all means go ahead and yak away, but if you are at the wheel, it is time to be far …

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