Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 announced

by Edwin

One of the brilliant masterstrokes that Samsung has done was to roll out phones of all types, targeting not only the entry level and high end segments of the markets, but also work to deliver the best experience for folks who happen to like mid-range handsets. After all, with the bell curve graph showing off that the number of “average” folks are always the highest figure, it makes perfect sense …

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SETA smartphone stand could be the only one you will ever need

by Edwin

What are some of the modern day innovations that you think will stand the test of time? The car is definitely one of them, as we all know that it is rather difficult to get around without any form of wheels. I would like to think that when it comes to mobile devices, the smartphone would also eventually end up to be an indispensable tool of everyday life. Well, if …

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LG Nexus 4 White announced

by Edwin

LG has just announced that they have introduced yet another color variation of the LG Nexus 4 device, where this time around it would ditch the regular dark shades which tend to signify the business market segment. LG’s attempt this time has ended up with the LG Nexus 4 White, which so happens to be the latest edition of the popular smartphone that was specially developed in collaboration with Google. …

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Jolla introduces first Sailfish OS smartphone

by Edwin

When it comes to mobile operating systems, this particular market is starting to get a little bit more crowded than usual. First of all, let us list down the two major players where smartphones are concerned, and obviously iOS as well as Google’s Android would pop into your mind, and after that we have Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform that is closely followed by BlackBerrry 10 OS, and the featurephone market …

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Nokia Lumia 925 revealed

by Edwin

Nokia, the Finnish smartphone company has yet another device up for the masses to consider if you are in the midst of mulling over whether you want to change your mobile phone to a different model, or perhaps even an alternative operating system after being back and forth between the iOs and Android platforms. What you see above is the spanking new Nokia Lumia 925, which so happens to be …

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Smartphone Security Sensor

by Edwin

So, you pride yourself in picking up one of the latest smartphones in the market, and would take every single opportunity that you have to pull it out from your pocket so that all and sundry around you would be able to check out just what is your latest gadget purchase. Well, a shiny new gadget is always nice to own, and so you too, much take the relevant steps …

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Huawei W1 announced for the US

by Edwin

Another day, another smartphone hits the scene, and here we are faced with the China-based Huawei having announced Huawei W1. Right after the sponsorship announcement of the highly-anticipated Jonas Brothers Tour, Huawei has also thrown a new announcement of their maiden attempt to roll out the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone from their stables, which would be the Huawei W1, and this will happen sometime later this month online at …

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Nokia Asha 501 announced

by Edwin

Finnish phone manufacturer has yet another device released, but this time around, it will not be on the high end side of things considering how it will not run on the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. In fact, this will be a feature phone, but does that mean the new Nokia Asha 501 does not deserve any kind of news coverage? That would be anathema to me – at …

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