Smartphone Security Sensor

by Edwin

So, you pride yourself in picking up one of the latest smartphones in the market, and would take every single opportunity that you have to pull it out from your pocket so that all and sundry around you would be able to check out just what is your latest gadget purchase. Well, a shiny new gadget is always nice to own, and so you too, much take the relevant steps …

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Huawei W1 announced for the US

by Edwin

Another day, another smartphone hits the scene, and here we are faced with the China-based Huawei having announced Huawei W1. Right after the sponsorship announcement of the highly-anticipated Jonas Brothers Tour, Huawei has also thrown a new announcement of their maiden attempt to roll out the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone from their stables, which would be the Huawei W1, and this will happen sometime later this month online at …

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Nokia Asha 501 announced

by Edwin

Finnish phone manufacturer has yet another device released, but this time around, it will not be on the high end side of things considering how it will not run on the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. In fact, this will be a feature phone, but does that mean the new Nokia Asha 501 does not deserve any kind of news coverage? That would be anathema to me – at …

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Nokia pays homage to Sir Alex Ferguson with customized Nokia Lumia 920

by Edwin

Yes, I am quite sure that many people are still in shock over Sir Alex Ferguson’s recent announcement that he was going to retire after being at the helm of Manchester United since 1986, where along the way, the most decorated manager of modern times have picked up a whopping 38 trophies, certainly making him one of the most outstanding football managers regardless of the era. His crown jewels include …

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Samsung Galaxy Core announced

by Edwin

Another day, and here we are with another smartphone from consumer electronics giant Samsung. This time around, it will not be a handset from the Galaxy family, but rather, we are looking at the Samsung Galaxy Core, which is a smartphone that is specially designed to offer users dual core processing power when it comes to multitasking purposes, dual SIM technology for easy transition between work and play, not to …

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LG Optimus F5 launched in Europe

by Edwin

Sometimes, I do wonder how come it does take some time between a particular smartphone’s announcement and its release date, perhaps there needs to be plenty of marketing material and co-ordination made between the mobile carriers and the smartphone manufacturer itself during the time in between. Well, the LG Optimus F5 was launched successfully by all means at Mobile World Congress earlier this February in Berlin, Germany, where it was …

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V-Moda delivers Metallo smartphone case

by Edwin

I am quite sure that many of us have heard the name of V-Moda before, and this time around, they have unveiled yet another smartphone case for the masses, although it will concentrate more on the high end models. I am referring to the new Metallo designer cases from V-Moda that will cater for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, where each Metallo case’s main reason of existence is …

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Archos rolls out a trio of affordable Android smartphones

by Edwin

Archos must have taken the past few years to learn all that they can concerning the Android-powered platform, be they tablets or smartphones, and the French company has even rolled out their fair share of Android-powered tablets in the past, too. Well, this time around, they do intend to make a more incisive headway into the smartphone industry with the announcement of a spanking new smartphone range, with prices starting …

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