Forget your Keys? Use Your Smartphone!

by Julie

Sure, its happened to me more than once. I lost my house keys, left them in the wrong car, or forgot to give them to my mother who was stopping over to feed the dog. It’s a simple thing, and I should have just taken the time to have extra keys made, or hidden one under the doormat, but in this day and age I’m not sure anyone does that …

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Samsung announces Galaxy Mega smartphones

by Edwin

Samsung, a company that has for the longest time churned out their fair share of consumer electronics for the world in addition to hot selling smartphones, are back this time around with a couple of sizes under the same name – the Samsung Galaxy Mega. They sure as heck were not kidding with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Mega. This particular smartphone is said to come with the portability …

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Samsung Galaxy Win announced

by Edwin

Samsung is certainly a company that does not want to remain too specialized in their offerings to the masses. For example, they do want to do their level best to cater across a wide range of users when it comes to their smartphone range, which explains why they have entry level models, mid-range devices, and of course, flagship models that will send the world to a standstill whenever there is …

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HTC First to arrive on AT&T

by Edwin

There is a new smartphone in town, and although this particular model that is known as the HTC First is not a flagship device, it still managed to capture the attention of the whole world, at least for a few minutes, where it was announced to be the inaugural handset to come with Facebook Home, a new way of using the social network app on your Android-powered smartphone that intends …

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Samsung Galaxy S4 announced

by Edwin

So, another day, another cycle of smartphone releases, and here we are with the latest flagship by the South Korean conglomerate Samsung, with their Galaxy S4 all set to conquer the world, or at least help advance the Android cause and cannibalize on Apple’s iPhone sales along the way. Just what kind of goodies does the latest Galaxy S4 pack underneath the hood? Not everyone is going to agree with …

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LG Optimus G Pro gets Eye Tracking and Smart Video capability

by Edwin

So, you think that your smartphone is smart, and will definitely be able to live up to its name? LG Electronics has something interesting up their sleeves with the announcement of Smart Video capability for the LG Optimus G Pro, their current flagship, which will be introduced as an update pack to the handset in the South Korean market from April onwards. Smart Video is a new multimedia user experience …

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Walkie-Talkie Cell Phone Handset

by Edwin

Now here is an interesting device that might make you feel as though you were one of those tough, bad-ass truckers – and I am referring to the $19.99 Walkie-Talkie Cell Phone Handset, of course. You might want to fire up Google and start to check out the kind of terminologies that truckers use as you continue to carry conversations with the Walkie-Talkie Cell Phone Handset alongside the other person …

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Gasket V8 iPhone 5 case from id America

by Edwin

When it comes to cases for your spanking new iPhone 5, it is safe to say that you are spoilt for choice. Absolutely. After all, there are way too many iPhone case manufacturers out there, and the sheer number of case models that roll off their production lines are more than one can care to count. However, once in a while, an iPhone 5 case design would clearly make heads …

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