AvantGo RSS Beta

by Keith

As RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is becoming part of desktops and laptops users, how about having an RSS feed directly on your hand held devices, such as PDA, small screen smartphone or PocketPC? iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase, announced the release of new RSS features for its popular AvantGo(R) mobile Internet service, in beta version, Several new features packaged in the beta version, include allowing users greater ease-of-use for viewing …

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B&O / Samsung phone

by Marc

Serene phone

The popular perception of Bang and Olufsen kit is that it looks better than it performs and you pay dearly for the privilege of owning it. Early indications are that this “Serene” phone will fit nicely into the same category. They have at least done one thing right though, they’ve put the screen on the bottom half of the flip so you don’t end up smearing it when you hold …

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NOKIA 3250 – Music on the Move

by Keith

Nokia 3250 gives the Twist

Over the weekend at an electronic music festival that took placed in Berlin, Germany, this exquisite Nokia 3250, Nokia’s latest music phone, captured the spotlight of Nokia Trends by several people who attended the festival. Given a unique design, the mobile phone added a twisting axis down the centre of the phone, to transform a traditional phone keypad into dedicated music keys. In addition, it can store up to 1 …

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Motorola Rockr

by Marc

Motorola Rockr

Motorola have finally released their long-awaited iTunes compatible phone/MP3 player. Apple announced the device yesterday but it took until today for pictures and specs to appear on Motorola’s website. Specs look good – bluetooth, camera and all the other bits you’d expect on a current phone. It has some built in speakers (why…?) and as you’d expet it will pause the music when you take a call. It should be …

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by diceman

Even just a couple years ago the idea of having a handheld computer with phone and internet combined seem pretty far fetched. However developers from Research In Motion have designed a line of products that can do all this and much more. Blackberry’s have been gaining more and more popularity among tech enthusiasts over the last few months. With various styles and features to choose from, including large LCD screens …

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