by Keith

The latest mobile phone from Motorola, displaying its thin yet strong body with wide screen display. With only 11.5mm thickness, you could even slip into the pocket of your tightest trouser with no problem. The Motorola SLVR L7 also attributes its clarity in display to its large 176×220 TFT screen with 262K colours, which is an absolute delight and comfort for the eyes. Besides the unbelievably slim profile, the Motorola …

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Mermory Stick Lego

by Al

Memory Stick Lego Holder

Before my Sinclair Spectrum, Lego was my all time favourite toy. Even my Lego train-set was cool, in fact there wasn’t a single thing that I couldn’t make (when I was 7). Why am I going on about a toy that must be at least 50 years old? Today I saw a picture of a prototype memory card holder that looked just like, guess what, Lego blocks The company behind …

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Turbo Charge

by Anita


If you get the chance to go to the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one of the cheaper gadgets you will get to preview is the Turbo charge for around $20. This great gadget is any cell phone owners dream. The TC300 Turbo Charge is a reusable portable cell phone charger that will ensure that you never run out of power. It features a special Dual AlgorChip technology …

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Latest All-in-One P7200 Mobile by LG

by Keith

LG P7200

Recently, I caught up with the latest release of mobile phone from LG. Impressive, yet irresistible in multimedia mobile phone technology, the all-in-one P7200 mobile is a must have for those who want the best out of their handset. The 180 degrees free-rotation swivelling sensation screen enables users to take pictures in any desired angle just as they would, just like one holding a digital camera. Outdoing itself, LG has …

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World’s Thinnest Clamshell Mobile Phone – Launched in Singapore

by Keith

NEC N412i i-mode phone

NEC Solutions Asia Pacific officially launched the world’s thinnest clamshell mobile phone in Singapore, on December 16, 2005 – the NEC N412i, i-mode mobile phone withe integrated mega-pixel camera. Though the phone might be available already in some countries, i.e. Australia, it will be available in Singapore exclusively only at authorised retail stores the following day, following the launch. Boasting a modern, smart, compact, ultra-slim design, with NEC’s proprietary, cutting-edge …

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Sony Ericsson W550i – Walkman Phone

by Keith

Sony Ericsson Walkman 550i

When Sony Ericsson released W800i, their very first camera phone designed specifically as a lifestyle gadget with telecommunication capability. The W800i was put together in light of the popularization of MP3 players and a booming industry of online music stores. Although it was not the first camera phone to boast of MP3 playback functionality, it was however the first camera phone to leverage on the Sony ‘Walkman’ branding and along …

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Self Destructing Text Messages

by Al

Mission Impossible

do….do….do….dooo….do.. , do….do….do….dooo….do.. , Yeah sorry I never was any good at music (or English to that matter) but imagine the sound track to Mission Impossible as that’s what this post reminds me of, self destructing text messages. It’s been a said on a fair few spy movies (and cartoons) “This message will self destruct in 30 seconds” generally followed 30 seconds later by a smoking cassette recorder (I think …

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Matchbox Sized Projectors

by Al

Tiny Upstream Projector

Tiny (size not brand) projectors seem to be the in thing at the moment, with the Samsung SP-P300MK Pocket Imager due to be released very early next year. A Finish company Upstream Engineering are working on new projector technology that will make the size of Samsung seem unbelievably large. The picture above is a non-working prototype to demonstrate the size that the Upstream projector will likely be. Comparing it to …

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