Phlash – The Flash for your Mobile

by Al

My last 3 mobile phones have all had an inbuilt camera, with each generation improving on the last. One thing I find most camera phones seem to lack is any sort of flash. Well I was obviously not alone in noticing this limitation, as you can now buy Phlash, the world’s first universal Camera-phone flash.

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The record-breaking 7 mm cell phone from KFT Technologies.

by Paz

The 7mm thick cell phone from KFT

The Korean manufacturer KFT Technologies have released what they claim is the world’s slimmest cell phone, the EV-K100; code-named the “No. 7”. Actually, the phone is 7.9 mm thick, which makes it nearer a “No. 8” in my book, but I still want one. My heart sank when I saw the 400,000 won price tag, but as it happens that turns out to be just over $400 (in real money), …

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Another cell phone gadget I didn’t know I needed.

by Paz

Here’s a gadget that looks like it could be useful, but I can’t decide. It’s a standby mobile phone battery charger for when you don’t have your charger with you, or access to an electrical outlet. It’s cheaper than a second battery, and because it comes with 5 different adaptors you can use it for other phones too. It covers a wide range of mobiles but not the Nokia 6000 …

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Samsung announce mobile telephone with 8 GB storage

by Al

Samsung i310 mobile

Technology companies are falling over themselves to announce new products before the start of the CeBit Technology conference later this month, but we’re guessing that Samsung will steal the show with their new i380 mobile telephone with a built-in 8 gigabyte hard disk.

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Sony Ericsson K800i, K790i

by Al

K8ooi mobile

Keen to capitalise on the explosion of photo-blog culture, today Sony Ericsson has announced the introduction of 2 phones, the K800i and the K790i. The K800i and the K790i will have integrated software (courtesy of Google), an RSS reader and most excitingly, a 3.2 mega-pixel camera. These new offerings, the first to be marketed under the Sony Cybershot brand, mark an important departure from the current line of Walkman …

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by Keith

Motorola SLVR L7

The latest mobile phone from Motorola, displaying its thin yet strong body with wide screen display. With only 11.5mm thickness, you could even slip into the pocket of your tightest trouser with no problem. The Motorola SLVR L7 also attributes its clarity in display to its large 176×220 TFT screen with 262K colours, which is an absolute delight and comfort for the eyes. Besides the unbelievably slim profile, the Motorola …

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Mermory Stick Lego

by Al

Memory Stick Lego Holder

Before my Sinclair Spectrum, Lego was my all time favourite toy. Even my Lego train-set was cool, in fact there wasn’t a single thing that I couldn’t make (when I was 7). Why am I going on about a toy that must be at least 50 years old? Today I saw a picture of a prototype memory card holder that looked just like, guess what, Lego blocks The company behind …

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Turbo Charge

by Anita


If you get the chance to go to the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one of the cheaper gadgets you will get to preview is the Turbo charge for around $20. This great gadget is any cell phone owners dream. The TC300 Turbo Charge is a reusable portable cell phone charger that will ensure that you never run out of power. It features a special Dual AlgorChip technology …

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