Handsfree Snake

by Al

It may look more like a snorkel but this is a hands free kit for your mobile. The Iqua SNAKE is designed to slot between your car seat and headrest, it then communicates via bluetooth with your mobile whilst you communicate via your mouth and ears with your friends.

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World Cup Clips Off in Style – Bluetooth headsets

by Al

World Cup Bluetooth headsets

The Football World Cup is only weeks away and I’m already starting to see a few gadgets aimed directly at us supporters (many of them alcohol related funnily enough). The latest footy fan gadget that I’ve just heard of (thanks Malini) is the specially decorated Bluetooth headsets in the colours of your team.

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Nokia N93 – More Camcorder than Mobile

by Al

Nokia N93 Camcorder

Recording video on you mobile has been an added extra for the last few years, now Nokia have taken this to the next level with the new Twist ‘n’ Shoot N93. The Nokia N93 has all the features required to be a replacement for your camcorder, the screen twists out so that you can hold it and film like a conventional video camera. Whilst the 3.2 megapixel camera (with Carl …

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Biodegradable Mobile Phone

by Lexia

Sunflower Mobile

Researchers at Warwick University, PVAXX Research and Motorola are showing off a prototype of a revolutionary biodegradable phone cover containing a Sunflower seed at this year’s Dead Ringers exhibition at the Science Musuem in London. In an effort to stem the amount of waste produced by dumped mobile phones, researchers used a biodegradable polymer as mobile phone cladding and implanted a sunflower seed inside the phone. The phone cover biodegrades …

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Solar Mobile Phone Charger

by Lexia

Solar Mobile Phone Charger

As the summer is right round the corner, we’ll all be gabbing a little more on our mobiles – avoid the dead phone scenario by picking up a Solar Mobile Phone Charger. This nifty little charger is equipped with adapters for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Samsung phones. The charger can recharge a battery in just 3 hours when exposed to bright sunlight. It’s ideal for the sun-worshipping holiday maker …

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Disney GPS Enabled Mobile Phone

by Al

Disney Mobile GPS Phone

Disney are planning a new mobile phone that incorporates GPS technology. It’s aimed at the still growing teenage mobile market and will let parents not only see where their kids our, but also track voice and text messages. I think we do need to protect children but this does seem a bit like big brother. I know if my parents had got me a mobile when I was a teenager …

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Really Cool Portable GPS Tracker

by Al

USB GPS Tracker

Update: Somewhat annoyingly Think Geek have stopped selling this GPS tracker, however there is a huge selection of alternatives over on Amazon. This must be one of (if not the) coolest spy gadgets I’ve ever reported on. It’s sort of a cross between a USB memory stick and a GPS receiver and what it does is store where ever you take it on the flash memory. The Portable GPS Tracker …

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Biodegradable Mobile Phones (Covers)

by Al

Mobile Phone Sunflower

This is a novel solution to to a growing problem, what to do with old mobile phones. In the UK alone 1,712 mobile phones are upgraded every hour (that’s nearly 15 million a year) which is producing skip fulls of waste. The London Science Museum today opened a new exhibition, Dead Ringers which amongst other things provides some intriguing recycling solutions. My favourite so far is a prototype phone that …

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