Apple 60GB iPod Photo With Colour Screen

by diceman

For the last year or so I have been more than happy with my iPod 30g Mp3 player. However I fast outgrew my old friend with a need for more space and decided to upgrade to the 60GB monster currently on offer from Apple. A few beefs however. It seems the consumer is paying for the reduction in price of the Cadillac of mp3 players. For starters, there isn’t even …

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by diceman

Even just a couple years ago the idea of having a handheld computer with phone and internet combined seem pretty far fetched. However developers from Research In Motion have designed a line of products that can do all this and much more. Blackberry’s have been gaining more and more popularity among tech enthusiasts over the last few months. With various styles and features to choose from, including large LCD screens …

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MacGyver 256MB MP3 Watch

by Anita


Who doesn’t remember MacGyver, the gadget man? Well, with this unique watch everyone will believe you are the new gadget man. This is one awesome gift that will draw more attention than anything else you will ever wear. It just gives the ambience of hidden items. It may only appear to be normal wristwatch, but in fact it is so much more. It is a MP3 player, a voice recorder …

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TV and Fridge Combo

by diceman

The two things that I really can’t live without are TV and eating. And now thanks to LG I am now able to combine both of these. The guys at LG have developed a refrigerator with a built-in 13-inch LCD TV, as well as a radio tuner. As you can see in the image the screen is placed on the door of the fridge making it not only look pretty …

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Canon EOS 5D

by diceman

Over the past few months there has been much speculation regarding Canan’s release of a new SLR. So it’s no real surprise when Canon announced they would indeed release the new EOS 5D. This high end unit will be placed above EOS 20D but below the EOS-1D, with a price tag yet to be announced. Below are some of the key features the EOS 5D will offer. Once more information …

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