Samsung Galaxy Camera launched

by Edwin

Does the world really need yet another digital camera? The correct answer would be an unequivocal and resounding, “Yes!”. Well, you know that the camera industry is going to continue moving forward with ever higher resolution, not to mention advancements in video recording technology, but how about the operating system of the camera? That has more often than not been overlooked, so Samsung might be on to something here with …

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Avoid Cable Craziness

by Alison

Taking a USB cable for your phone is becoming a necessity. Whether needing to sync with a computer or needing a charge, inevitably you will need a cable. And then comes the fun of unraveling the cable. I’m continually dumbfounded by how a relatively well rolled charger can turn to a hornets nest with minimal motion. Imagine using speakerphone with your colleagues on your cell phone on an important conference …

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Nikon Coolpix S800c runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread

by Edwin

Normally, when we talk about an Android-powered system, we would venture into the realm of smartphones and tablets, and very rarely (if ever) into the world of digital cameras. The line is about to be blurred this day, as the Nikon Coolpix S800c was just announced to come with a copy of the Android operating system – Android 2.3 Gingerbread, to be exact. Yes sir, how does this digital camera …

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Game, Set and Match vs. Bugs

by Alison

What would summer be without bugs? More enjoyable, that is for sure. Grilling out in the summer is a must. There you are, entertaining friends, juicy steaks hot off the grill, serving up side dishes and suddenly, bam! Every bug in the neighborhood somehow gets an invitation to the party. Or how about airing out the house and realizing that you have a bug slumber party going on. Spiders in …

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Charge Your iPad +15 Friends’

by Alison

Does your household jockey for the right to charge an iPad next? Getting them all charged at the same time becomes a matter of who takes priority. And you know there are companies out there who have multiple iPads in circulation at the same time. Think of busy environments like construction sites or tradeshow floors. Technology is constantly in use. Communication is key, transactions are happening. And batteries die!

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Compact, Customized Printing

by Alison

Inevitably printing must happen. Though we certainly print less than we have in the past, need still exists for directions, news, shopping lists and the like. But in this fast moving age of mobile technology it becomes harder and harder to understand where things like printers fit in. How do we maintain our mobility while still using a printer?

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LED Animated Holiday Window Display

by Edwin

You might think that the year end holiday season is still some months away, leaving you with plenty of time left to save up and make the necessary holiday purchases in the weeks and even months to come, but life more often than not has a strange way of speeding up things to the extent where you actually regret of not being more efficient in your time management, leaving you …

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A Nice Cool Mist

by Alison

Typical misting fans are great indoors.  Assuming you are OK with damp carpets and furniture. They may feel good at the time they blow on you. But is it worth a wet room? Somewhere between scathing summer heat and a soggy sofa is the solution, the Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan. This is no ordinary misting fan though. The vibrations aren’t from a rotating blade, but rather ultrasonic vibrations – sound …

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