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Royole Smart Writing Pad makes CES 2018 bow

by Edwin - on January 11th, 2018

The forgotten art of writing on paper has not been abandoned just yet, with Royole stepping up to the fore by offering a digital interpretation of capturing our thoughts and prose. The Smart Writing Pad, which will debut at CES 2018, will bring together the traditional pen and paper writing experience by merging with digital capture and share capabilities that will be a hallmark of the future. Drawing from Royole’s unique and patented flexible electronics technologies, this particular unit will be able to accommodate real-time writing on standard paper with traditional pen refills. What makes it special is the fact that users will be able to enjoy the advantage of having a digital record sent straight to their smart device, computer, and to the cloud on the spot, or choose to transfer at a later and more convenient time.

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Akitio Node Pro ups the ante for PCIe boxes

by Edwin

akitioAkitio is no stranger when it comes to introducing large sized computer accessories that will help enhance your productivity, regardless of whether you are working from home or are an office drone. In the past, they have rolled out products such as the Thunder3 Quad that offered exceptional storage capabilities, while this time around they decided to take the hugely popular Node Lite PCIe Box and turned it into a larger sized mode, aptly calling it the Node Pro. The Thunder3 Node Pro is large enough to handle full-length PCIe cards while featuring a built-in 500 Watt power supply that makes it powerful enough to power most PCIe cards that are currently available on the market. In other words, the Node Pro has been specially designed in order to make it a companion for professional cards, including the Red Rocket X and other kinds of high-end graphics cards.

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Mossy Oak and SnowLizard reveals iPhone 7’s SLXtreme 7 case

by Edwin

mossy-oakA totally new iPhone 7 might be something that is on your wish list at the moment, although you cannot but help to wonder whether you would prefer to wait it out for the all new iPhone 8 when that arrives. Having said that, a protective case for your smartphone will certainly be an indispensable accessory — similar to a screen protector to go along with the entire shebang. Mossy Oak and SnowLizard have come up with the all new SLXtreme 7 case for iPhone 7, arriving in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage, having been developed by mobile accessories trailblazer SnowLizard.

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The Magnasonic Jewelry and Eyeglasses Cleaner shakes your valuables clean

by Caitlyn


While we don’t go overboard wearing a ring on each finger, we do like to accessorize every now and again. More often than not, we have a select few pieces of jewelry that we wear more than anything else. This is the jewelry that is often worn, but cared for little. It’s not that we don’t want to clean these items, it’s just not at the forefront of our minds, we don’t have the time to make it to a jewelers, or we aren’t to keen on dropping a lot of money on something we could do at home.

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Zubits make sure you never have to tie your shoes again

by Caitlyn


Every single second counts when you’re running late. Since we’re taking on more responsibilities than ever, it feels like that’s every minute of every day. It makes sense that we want to streamline our lives, because we can’t waste a single minute on things we shouldn’t have to. That being said, it’s about time we talk about tying your shoes.

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Brightness Zooming Bed Reader’s Lamp lets you continue with your tome as your partner sleeps

by Edwin

brightness-zoomingHow do you normally wind down at the end of the day? Some of us prefer to take a nice, warm bath and then followed by a foot massage, while others would love the soothing tunes of centuries old maestros over a kick-ass audio system. Reading is another pleasure that not many people indulge in these days, either, and doing so in the comfort of your bed is a really relaxing experience. However, if you share your bed with someone else, then a reading lamp is essential. Why not check out the $149.95 Brightness Zooming Bed Reader’s Lamp?

The Brightness Zooming Bed Reader’s Lamp is a wall-mounted light with dual heads, allowing one to power the scope on their side from a spotlight to floodlight — doing so without disturbing a sleeping partner. This is made possible thanks to a pair of independently controlled 2-watt LEDs that radiate a beam which will widen or narrow through its adjustable lampshade, illuminating fine details of crafts or providing optimal light for reading. Each light can also slide along a 19 1/4″ track and its 14″ gooseneck will let you raise, lower, or twist the light for optimal light projection. LEDs offer a bright, focused glow without the heat, too!

The Das Keyboard 5Q keeps you on track of…everything

by Caitlyn

Das Keyboard 5Q

The first alarm you hear in the morning is only the beginning of a long string of alarms that will go off over the course of the day. Not just the days you’re working of course, because even your days off aren’t really days off. You not only have deadlines breathing down your neck from work, but social media, emails, snail mail, stocks to watch, team projects, and more all have running timers in the back of your mind. For those who work online, your computer never gets shut off, because switching off means getting further behind.

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808 Audio ushers in the summer with new CANZ portable speaker

by Edwin

808We all love our music – otherwise the iPod would not have soared to its heights of popularity a decade ago, and apart from that, we would not have filled up most of the free storage space on our smartphones with musical tracks of our choice. When it comes to music, having a good pair of speakers is always highly recommended, so that your ears will be able to listen to your favorite tunes in the way that the original artist intended to. 808 Audio knows a thing or two about audio technology, where their Suspended Ear Cups Headphones were talked about before, and this time around it would be ushering in the summer with the all new CANZ portable speaker.

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