Head Spa claims to offer relief

by Edwin

This Head Spa you see here is not some new-fangled brainwashing device from the FBI, but it is supposed to reduce stress and tension in your head by increasing the blood circulation in addition to stimulating your scalp using the acupressure technique. The patented design is lightweight and easy to use while at your office desk, on the morning commute, or while enjoying your evening television program. It costs $49.95 …

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Axiomtek targets medical industry with new computer

by Edwin


Axiomtek from Taiwan is a computer hardware developer, and the company is looking toward the medical industry by unveiling a new computer (MPC170-831-FL) which runs on Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor and comes complete with an integrated webcam and speakers, all crammed into a 17″ monitor case that does not have any noisy cooling fans whatsoever. It is interesting to note that this computer has been certified to be waterproof, …

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In Medicine, Life Imitates Art

by James

Sillouette scanner

Gadgets can be really cool. But when they’re really cool and save a life, that’s even cooler. And when it’s based on technology from the movies, well, it doesn’t get much cooler than that. And even though this gadget looks more like Dr. Beverly Crusher’s Tricorder in StarTrek, it’s actually based on Academy Award winning technology from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Allow me to explain.

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