Remote-controlled pills in the works

by Edwin

Pharmacists are currently doing their level best to control the release of drugs from a pill by using different release mechanisms – even entertaining the idea of using a pill that may come with a coating that is designed to be dissolved in a particular part of the digestive tract or after a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, this method isn’t really all that effective considering how the rate of …

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PatchPump device unveiled

by Edwin


SteadyMed Limited, an Israeli startup, has successfully started work on the PatchPump – a subcutaneous medication delivery button in which the company describes as a “light and inexpensive patch-sized miniature infusion pump.” In layman’s terms, that probably means it is capable of injecting both basal rates and user-initiated boluses of medication when and where necessary without the need to find a vein or anything of that sort. According to SteadyMed, …

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Tactile Video Displays in the works

by Edwin


The National Institute of Standards and Technology has successfully developed active Braille-like technology that aims to bring a newfound sense of freedom and empowerment to blind folk, letting them “feel” images just like how the rest of us sighted folk see on a video screen. This technology has already been licensed to a commercial firm in order for it to be manufactured into actual products that could be purchased off …

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Confidisc simplifies proceedings

by Edwin


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as though the Confidisc will make injections with a hypodermic syringe any less painful than before. The Confidisc is actually a plastic disc that fits over the needle of a hypodermic syringe, blocking the view of the needle. This claims to psychologically reduce the pain perception that is often associated with self-administered injections. You can choose from one that fits over a syringe or another that …

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SMS service could see end of smoking habit

by Edwin


Where the nicotine patch fails, perhaps a simple text message could do it. Any self-respecting smoker who have tried to quit before will definitely be able to understand the feeling of despair and tension they feel as they battle their inner demons, but hopefully the advancement of technology will be able to help them kick the habit without causing too much harm or stress.

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Gaming Gear lets users really feel the impact

by James

3rd Space Vest

It’s no secret that the state of computer gaming graphics is getting more and more realistic all the time. The state of the art can easily be seen in the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3’s stunningly realistic situations, lighting shades, and characters who make the term virtual reality even seem archaic by today’s standards. And with more and more designers like Nintendo’s Wii looking to add feedback and faster …

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C-Cap from Bang & Olufsen

by Edwin


Bang & Olufsen are certainly most famous for their line of audio equipment, but bear in mind the company does produce medical gadgets from time to time as well. The C-Cap is one aesthetically interesting device that aims to improve medication adherence by reminding diabetics and other patients who need a reminder on taking their next injected medication while housing the medication for convenience simultaneously. When the time is coming, …

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Driving made possible for those with poor vision

by Edwin


Everyone knows it is not safe to drive around if you have poor vision, but Spanish researchers hope to overcome that problem by successfully developing and testing a computer simulator that actually enables the visually impaired to drive. This system is known as SERBA (short for ‘Sistema Electro-óptico Reconfigurable de ayuda para Baja Visión’), when translation to English means ‘Reconfigurable Electric-Optical System for Low Vision’. It uses an innovative system …

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