GaitAid Virtual Walker

by Edwin

It is often the fear of many to grow old, and that fear has led kings and emperors of yore to search for the elusive elixir of immortality, but much to their chagrin (and later, death), they found out the hard way that there’s no such thing as doing away with that part of life although modern medical technology has allowed mankind to live longer than our ancestors (also, we …

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Fifty-One electronic cigarette set to light up 2009

by Edwin

Smoking is an unhealthy addiction, and those who resolve to quit this habit might find it difficult compared to others who have no problems doing it cold turkey. As Mark Twain put it sarcastically, quitting smoking’s easy – he’s done it a thousand times. For those who have the will to quit and yet find themselves lighting up once in a while in a weak moment, the Fifty-One electronic cigarette …

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Songbird flexfit hearing aid is disposable

by Edwin

I suppose somewhere along the industrialization process, we forgot about sustainable production and decided that profits were the bottomline regardless of the huge environmental cost. This has resulted in unprecedented levels of pollution that has adversely affected our ecosystem, no thanks to the proliferation of plastic bags, while disposable products like diapers, eating utensils, paper plates and underwear all contribute to our landfills just because we want to feed the …

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i-LIMB hand prosthetic solution for California woman

by Edwin

Nice to know that technology has progressed to a point where prosthetics are no longer there to make one look “complete”, as the i-LIMB Hand from Touch Bionics holds the distinction of being the first fully-articulating and commercially-available bionic hand in the world, featuring an innovative selective compression-stabilization interface system that allows one to live a somewhat normal life – at least one that is much more productive compared to …

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iBreath iPhone/iPod accessory could potentially save lives

by Mark R

I’m not certain if there is a huge market for personal breathalyzer tests, but I definitely think the iBreath is on the right track. For starters, it is designed to plug right into your iPhone or iPod, which serves as the power source for this electronic breathalyzer. All the inebriated needs to do is blow into the whistle-shaped end there, and he or she will get an automatic readout of …

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Mamoru: A Robot to Assist the Aged

by Mark R

This next device is an interesting conceptual robot created by the University of Tokyo, and is designed to assist the elderly in their daily tasks. The Mamoru may not have arms or legs for active assistance, but it does have something that many old people lack: memory. The eyes of the Mamoru are designed for more than just aesthetics. These are wide angle camera lenses, and Mamoru is designed to …

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Smoking Everywhere for a healthier you

by Edwin

You know the feeling as the year draws to a close and you enter into another pensive mood swing, thinking of all the broken New Year resolutions. Girding yourself, you figure out since New Year’s just a couple more weeks or so away, why not roll forward those resolutions? Apart from trying to kick the habit of the bottle, another major habit that people want to rid themselves of would …

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oxyQuik Emergency Oxygen Unit

by Edwin

Western has recently announced the debut of its oxyQuik Emergency Oxygen Unit in the US and Canada, and is touted to be a major advancement in the delivery of oxygen for emergency situations. This self-contained unit does not require a doctorate in rocket science since no complicated assembly is required, and it is versatile enough to be used or administered by any individual with minimal training. This makes the oxyQuik …

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