Circulation Improving Seated Stepper

by Edwin

How many of you out there are cubicle zombies, spending most of your days in front of a monitor while furiously tapping away at the screen? Well, just like a long haul, flight, we would recommend you get up and about to keep blood flowing to your legs, and the Circulation Improving Seated Stepper sure sounds like a pretty handy tool to get you started. This is the low-impact stepper …

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HRS-I monitors your health, wirelessly

by Mark R


What you see here is the HRS-I, it is designed by a group of body monitoring products collectively called the WIN Human Recorder. I suppose it is called the Human Recorder because it can monitor the human body which includes eletrocardiographic signals, body-surface temperature, and even overall body movements. This device can communicate wirelessly to a remote base. I’m not certain what kind of wireless tech it uses, but it …

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Optical spectrum Anti-itch Insect bite cure Kit Tool

by Edwin


Insect stings and bites are nothing short of irritating as well as painful, especially when you receive “doses” from nasty stingers like hornets and bees, not to mention the ever present mosquito regardless of which environment you’re in. The Optical spectrum Anti-itch Insect bite cure Kit Tool aims to provide a painless solution by using soothing electromagnetic heat that is generated from a single standard 9V battery. Since there is …

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Adidas miCoach training platform

by Edwin


Everyone knows the name Adidas as this is a global sportswear leader who has a presence in just about every country. Well, what better way to shed off those pounds garnered during the holiday season feasting than burning it off with good ol’ exercise? Adidas aims to help you achieve your weight goals with their latest miCoach training platform that is capable of coaching you verbally while you are pounding …

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Commemorate Amber Alert Day with My Child ID

by Mark R


The U.S. Department of Justice declared January 13 AMBER Alert Awareness Day two years ago, in commemoration of the abduction and murder of 9 year old Amber Hagerman in Arlington, TX. The purpose of National AMBER Alert Awareness day is to bring public awareness to the AMBER Alert program and to increase public participation in safely recovering missing children. As a parent, the idea of one of my children disappearing …

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Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System

by Edwin


Nuvo Group USA recently announced their Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System that is touted to offer unparalleled quality and safe sound to prenatal listeners. While a baby’s still developing in the mother’s womb, Ritmo is able to offer a convenient, comfortable and safe way for families to share the sensory and emotional experience of bonding via the use of sound and music. Thanks to a 3.5mm audio port, you can …

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Rapid Blemish Healer

by Edwin


The definition of looking good these days seem to stem from beauty magazines as well as advertisements that bombard us wherever we go, and it requires one to steel one’s mind to prevent being influenced that skinny is beautiful, alongside a host of other criteria like being fair and blemish-free. Well, if you happen to be under the spell of advertisements, the Rapid Blemish Healer might be just the thing …

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New thermometer line ready to see action

by Edwin


American Scientific Resources, better known as ASR for short, has just announced that they will be rolling out a new range of affordable yet revolutionary, 5-in-1 non-contact thermometers that were specially designed to meet the needs of consumers and healthcare workers globally. Instead of the usual glass-and-mercury combination, these new non-contact thermometers are a snap to use, where it is able to provide instant temperature reading that is accurate as …

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