3D printer does artificial blood vessels

by Edwin

Hmmm, the world of printers might seem to be rather boring to some as improvements in this area are hardly worth reporting on – rarely making headlines, so to speak. Well, printing has taken on a new dimension with the introduction of 3D printers, as you get to deliver what your mind has conceived in an actual, 3D object – which previously you had to spend far more money elsewhere …

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Baby Plus Prenatal-Education System

by Edwin

Talk about competitive! If you think that the modern world has somehow forgot to stop and smell the roses, then you are probably correct. After all, why bother cramming more knowledge down the brains of our poor children when they are meant to explore the world in a sense of wonder? Now with devices like this 99.99 Baby Plus Prenatal-Education System, it seems that the game of one up-manship is …

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Foetal Heart Detector

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a new parent, but the nine month journey can be a rather arduous one, especially when complications arise. Many people have sworn that your baby, while still in the womb, is capable of recognizing familiar sounds and voices, but all of that seems to be one way traffic. Parents who want to connect on an even deeper level might want to …

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NewYu Connected Monitor offers options in fitness regime

by Edwin

The NewYu Connected Fitness Monitor and Service was recently paraded at the IDEA Show in Los Angeles, California, where it intends to make its mark as a new, comprehensive system for monitoring and managing wellness goals throughout the entire day. After all, it can be quite a chore trying to maintain your fitness goals with the everyday pressures of life building all up around you. The NewYu Connected Monitor will …

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Date-rape detection device can save you from a regrettable evening

by Mark R

I’m not the kind that is a part of the nightlife, so to speak, but I am aware of date-rape drugs like Rohypnol or “roofies”. I would hate to be one to wake up from my bed with no memory of what I had done the following night, but know that I was violated. If something could prevent that, it is worth having around. Two scientists at Tel Aviv University …

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Somnus Shirt helps monitor your sleep

by Edwin

Some of us can go to sleep at the drop of a dime, while others resort to many other methods but to no avail. Well, for the most of us who fall under the “average” category, perhaps you might want to see whether you can make the most out of your sleeping time, and what better way to do so than with the help of metrics? The Somnus Shirt from …

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USB Body Scales for the geek in you

by Edwin

Keeping watch over your weight a good seven months after your New Year’s resolution in the eternal fight against the flab? Fret not, you have plenty of assistance in the form of nutritious meal replacement sachets, not to mention getting the right kind of tools to assist you in taking down details of your battle. For the inner geek, there is the USB Body Scales – and the name says …

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Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator

by Edwin

For many women, the very thought of shaving their head bald for a noble cause such as raising funds is nothing short of a nightmare – and for them to know that they might end up bald because of some hereditary illness might be deemed to be a fate worse than death. This means companies which churn out hair care products need not worry as they will always have a …

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