Squatty Potty – for when Nature Calls

by Julie

When I was pregnant with my child, I remember reading that the medical profession had taken a very natural process, and made it more complicated by expecting us to lie on our backs to give birth. Now I’m reading that technology has altered the way we, um… well, you know and that the invention of the toilet changed our natural “elimination position” from squatting to sitting, and that’s just a …

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RinserBrush – Toothbrush and Water Fountain, in One

by Julie

Toothbrushing, the necessary evil. I remember my parents riding me to brush my teeth, the horror stories they told about plaque and cavities. The graphic descriptions of the dentists drill and blackened teeth. I never did get a cavity, but to this day, I’m still scared to death of the dentist. I take a less dramatic approach with my kid, I try to make tooth brushing fun, and hope she …

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Comfort Lift Power Seat

by Edwin

When you get out more often and move around in circles where folks are less fortunate than you, whether in terms of financial capability or physical well being, then you would be a whole lot more thankful with who you are and what you have. For instance, folks who have suffered from a stroke and are not properly treated tend to suffer from a lack of movement or control over …

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Canine DNA Testing – Who’s Your Doggie?

by Julie

We just adopted a dog from the pound and he’s turning out very different from the dog we thought we adopted. When you think of it, we really don’t know anything about this little guy, what kind of dog he is, what problems or health issues he may be prone to. I feel really good about saving him, but the trade off is, I don’t know who he is.

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Wide Coverage LED Pain Reliever

by Edwin

So you might not have the healing factor of Wolverine, but this does not mean that you should continue to writhe in pain the next time you suffer an injury from your endeavors in sport or while you are at work. Well, the $199.95 Wide Coverage LED Pain Reliever is something that relies on technology developed by NASA in order to heal astronauts’ injuries, where it lives up to its …

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USB Mini Android Doll Mist Humidifier

by Julie

All winter the heat’s on in our homes and offices, drying out our sinuses, skin and eyes, we have a brief respite with the arrival of spring, only to shut ourselves in again and turn on the air conditioners in order to stave off the summer heat. I hate feeling parched and dry all the time. Maybe I need to move somewhere like Seattle, it seems nice and damp there…

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GoGirl – Let’s you Stand Up for Yourself

by Julie

When I was a little kid I used to wish I was a boy. Now that I’m a grown-up, I can honestly say there are only a couple of benefits that I feel I’m missing out on. When I was younger I got paid less, but that worked itself out. Now I’m left with the idea that men seem to get away with being older, heavier and less attractive much …

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Biofeedback Posture Trainer

by Edwin

Having a good posture (regardless of whether you are a guy or a gal) is always a plus point, especially when you are “on the market” so to speak and are looking for a life partner. After all, there is always that air of authority that one emanates whenever you sit up or stand with the proper posture for sure. For those of us who due to a lack of …

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