Biofeedback Posture Trainer

by Edwin

Having a good posture (regardless of whether you are a guy or a gal) is always a plus point, especially when you are “on the market” so to speak and are looking for a life partner. After all, there is always that air of authority that one emanates whenever you sit up or stand with the proper posture for sure. For those of us who due to a lack of …

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IntelliGender – Know Before you Go

by Julie

When I was pregnant I was fairly certain I was having a boy. Being a tomboy myself, I was convinced my body wasn’t actually capable of producing a girl. Later, I found out it’s the dad that determines the sex of the child, and after the 37th viewing of Cinderella, and 168 tea parties with obligatory manicures, I guess I was as wrong as I’ve ever been, about anything…ever.

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Home HeartCheck

by Edwin

Going to the doctor is never a fun journey for anyone, but with the $279 Home HeartCheck, you might be able to skip that trip to the local doctor’s office, especially when you need to obtain a fast and yet accurate heart reading – which is an important role when it comes to home health preparedness. You can skip queues at the clinic, doing all in the comfort of your …

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Leveraged Freedom Chair is really Going Places!

by Julie

When I was kid, I had a dirt bike accident and broke my leg. I spent that entire summer confined to a wheelchair, forget the fact that I couldn’t swim because of the cast, and my leg was hot and itchy for the whole 10 weeks, I hated the wheelchair. I could never get anywhere fast enough, my arms hurt, and well, lets face it, there hasn’t been too much …

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Menstrual Cramp Relieving Compression Belt

by Edwin

Some ladies do suffer from menstrual cramps each month, and depending on the person, the attack could come in different levels of intensity and pain. Well, what kind of relief can a poor girl find in this day and age of modern medical technology? Those who want to exhaust all possibilities on their own first (or have already tried everything else to no avail) might want to consider giving the …

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Lifesaving Glasses

by Alison

Glasses could turn into the next big tech thing. First you’ve got Google starting to tout their upcoming Google Glass product. Many of the functions of our smartphones will be included in their “smart spectacles” – which will attempt to eliminate the awkward fumbling that inevitably occurs when we need our phone. Next up in the world of glasses? A conceptual gadget from Johns Hopkins University looks to include a …

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Griffin MouthStick Stylus

by Edwin

I know that we live in an age where medical advances abound, but we are still not quite on the same level as that of Star Wars or Star Trek yet, where neural implants and cybernetics have advanced to such a point, where even a severely weakened Darth Vader could still end up being an imposing Sith Lord with the help of Emperor Palpatine and his reconstructive medical center. Having …

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Japan approves worldwide sale of robot exoskeletons

by Edwin

Ever wondered how it feels like to wear a robotic suit on your daily walkabout? Japan, a country where robots rule (all right, I am saying that with extreme liberty. Robots do not “rule” there per se, but rather, the proliferation of robots in everyday life as well as culture is extremely well known), might soon help fuel an explosion of “robo mania” of sorts, by approving a new robot …

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