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Many gadgets on the market are there to help enhance your life. But medical gadgets are there to help save and prolong it. Whether in development or actually in use, some of the coolest technology comes in the form of medical gadgets which you can read about here.


The BooBand is a sports bra alternative

by Caitlyn

If you are a lady with a cup size above A, you know how difficult it is to work out. Any vigorous movement will jostle your chest so much that it feels like your ribcage got whiplash. Not only that, but you also have to deal with the constant anxiety that you’re being oogled because some of your body is bouncing when the rest is not.

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Eight Smart Mattress launched to provide a better night’s sleep

by Edwin

eight-smart-mattressThere is nothing quite like getting a good night’s rest, especially after you had gone through a gruelling day at work or at home, or both. In fact, it has been said that you might have purchased the most expensive mattress in the world, but that might not be able to provide you with a single bit of shuteye. If you have more or less tried just about every remedy possible in order to obtain a good night’s sleep without wanting to resort to pharmaceutical assistance, Eight might just have the solution for you. Eight has just announced the availability of its Smart Mattress that claims to be able to provide its occupants with a better night’s sleep.

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Seventy2 is a fully integrated survival system

by Edwin

seventy2-bagIt is said that the first 72 hours are the most important in any emergency, and the person who is far better equipped in the event of a disaster (be it an earthquake, a tsunami, or a typhoon, or anything else that you can think of) would have a higher chance of survival, at least being able to hold out until the search and rescue team arrives. Most of us do not carry a bug out bag, or a survival kit wherever we go because we think that it will not happen to us, but this is exactly why we should: as disasters rarely make an announcement prior to their arrival. Uncharted Supply Co. is a lifestyle company that has just unveiled the aptly named Seventy2.

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This Facial Roller Massager will help contour your face

by Caitlyn


We are always in search of ways to preserve our youth and beauty. They will escape us one day, but we can try to deal with aging as gracefully as we can. If you’re smart, you’ll begin working out and eating better at a young age so the habits aren’t hard to keep when you’re older. There are also plenty of gadgets and gizmos that will help you with various aspects of your outer appearance.

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The Kahuna Massage Chair – weary feet will find a seat

by Caitlyn


At the end of a long week, you just want to relax. Whether that means curling up with a good book, going to see a movie, or baking cookies, we all have ways of blowing off steam. Thanks to having a myriad of stressors, lots of us deal with muscle aches and pains. While it would be awesome to go and get a massage every weekend, that is an expensive endeavor, and you have to have some serious cash flow for that to be feasible.

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Breathometer Mint gives you a heads up on your oral health

by Edwin

mintGoing to the dentist is not something that all of us love to do, but it is definitely an essential part of our health regiment. After all, having good oral hygiene would translate to a better life. If you feel that you want to do your bit to ensure that your pearly whites are still there, strongly rooted into the gums in your golden years, then surely you are on the lookout to have technology make sure your oral hygiene is in tip top condition! Breathometer has not released a breathalyzer, but rather, the Mint sensor which is touted to be a smart way to monitor one’s oral health.

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The Nemureru Mori Toe Separator Socks give your digits a rest

by Caitlyn


When you take on a professional position in the work world, there’s usually a certain sort of uniform you wear to look the part. This means nice clothes, shoes, and accessories. For the most part, the outfit isn’t the worst to wear, but the shoes take a serious toll on your feet. The construction of these shoes usually bunch your toes together in the front, making you willfully deform your feet.

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Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap should have you up and running in no time

by Edwin

cold-therapy-knee-wrapYou know that exercise is good for one’s health, but if you were to indulge in exercise the wrong way, then chances are there that you might experience an injury or two. Some injuries are minor enough that a little bit of rest will do, but others are not so — there might be a whole lot more time spent to recuperate, and you might not even have the luxury of indulging in that particular exercise in the future, either. Hiking can be pretty tough on the knees — and so are other kinds of impact sport, but if you have knee issues that require a cold wrap, then the $149.95 Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap should be able to do the trick.

The Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap is a cuff that can be continuously replenished using ice water alone for long-lasting cold therapy. This kind of therapy is able to relieve knee swelling and pain. Using it is a snap — all that you need to do is to wrap the cuff around your knee using the hook-and-loop straps, followed by attaching the tube to the ice water-filled insulated 1/2-gallon cooler which is elevated above it. Gravity will get to work as it causes the cuff to fill with cold water, resulting in the complete enclosing of a painful, swollen knee joint in a custom-fit cold compress. It should be effective enough in helping patients to get back on their feet more quickly after knee surgery, too.

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