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Many gadgets on the market are there to help enhance your life. But medical gadgets are there to help save and prolong it. Whether in development or actually in use, some of the coolest technology comes in the form of medical gadgets which you can read about here.


Cordless Arthritis Pain Relieving Glove gets the job done at home

by Edwin - on July 16th, 2016

Living with arthritis is no joke at all. The pain can be overbearing at times, especially when the arthritis acts up. While some of us might have found relief from the pain through various treatments and therapies, there are others out there who have looked into just about every possible avenue to cure arthritis but without any success, including using the Arthritis Pain Relieving Lamp — perhaps there might be redemption in the form of the $99.95 Cordless Arthritis Pain Relieving Glove.

This is the only cordless neuromuscular stimulator glove in the world that claims to be able to help provide relief from arthritic pain. In fact, it has been developed to be worn on either hand, as the glove employs Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy. TENS is a method of pain relief therapy that has been widely adopted by medical professionals. It will feature battery-powered electrode pads which will hook up to the glove using snap-on fasteners at the wrist, as it sends harmless low-frequency electrical pulses into the tissue to block pain signals from passing through nerves to the brain. An 8-hour charge delivers up to 15 hours of power, and you can juice up the electrodes via the included USB power cord. With the remote control, one can choose from half a dozen different treatment modes and ten intensity levels.

Therapist’s Back Pain Reliever gets the job done at home

by Edwin

therapist-back-pain-relieverWe were all young spring chickens at a particular time, although the passage of time would definitely see us age. When we age, our bodies, too, will also experience all sorts of different ailments that range from joint pains to perhaps even loss of memory. Our back is also more prone to getting injured, even more so if we have not developed a strong set of core muscles over the years. If you have a niggling issue for your back, perhaps you might want to try the $299.95 Therapist’s Back Pain Reliever before heading off to see a specialist. Who knows? It might just work like magic.

The Therapist’s Back Pain Reliever is a therapy device that relieves back pain using gentle oscillation to loosen tight muscles and improve range of motion. It is touted to simulate the touch of a physical therapist or chiropractor thanks to Continuous Motion Therapy, which so happens to be a technique that has been used for three decades by professionals to treat lower back pain. The reliever’s treatment pad will subtly rock back and forth, slowly shifting the sacrum and lower-back muscles in the same motion used while one is walking. All that one needs to do is to lie atop the reliever, either on the floor, bed, or couch, for ten minutes up to three times a day in order to enjoy optimal results. This is a lightweight device that can be plugged into AC and will be able to support weights of up to 320 lbs.

Cordless Tennis Elbow Pain Relieving Sleeve will hopefully perform wonders

by Edwin

tennis-elbow-sleeveTennis fans have been in for a treat this year with the quality tennis that was displayed throughout the past half year. This year’s Wimbledon also saw the shock defeat of Novak Djokovic and the smashing of his dream of achieving a calendar year Grand Slam. Well, those who indulge in tennis would definitely have had experience the pain of tennis elbow, which has also seen numerous treatment options such as the Tenease being introduced before. What happens if nothing ever worked for you? You might then want to consider the $99.95 Cordless Tennis Elbow Pain Relieving Sleeve.

Touted to be the only cordless neuromuscular stimulator sleeve which will be able to help provide relief from tennis elbow, it has been specially developed to be worn on either elbow. This particular sleeve will make use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, which happens to be a method of pain relief therapy that is widely adopted by medical professionals. The battery-powered electrode pads will hook up to the sleeve via snap-on fasteners and send harmless low-frequency electrical pulses into the tissue to block pain signals from passing through nerves to the brain.

The American Physical Therapy Association claims that TENS therapy is able to be an effective element of pain management for low-intensity discomfort, and this includes back pain and muscle soreness in the extremities. It offers up to 15 hours of power from an eight-hour charge, where the electrodes are juiced up via the included USB power cord.

Oticon Opn is a hearing aid with IoT capability

by Edwin

oticon-iot-hearing-aidHearing aids are said to be crucial and an essential medical device for those who would like to live a life as normally as possible even when one’s listening senses are starting to become dull. Having said that, the consumer electronics industry does not churn out hearing aids in the same manner as smartphones, for the simple and obvious fact that this is a very niche market. Oticon, the industry leader in advanced audiology and hearing aid technology, has recently announced the launch of Oticon Opn. What makes the Oticon Opn different from the rest of the hearing aids in the market is this – it is the world’s first internet connected hearing aid, and this would open up a world of possibilities for IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

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Smoking Cessation Program might be the turning point

by Edwin

smoking-cessation-programSmoking is not the healthiest habit around, but it has stuck for quite some time already. Of course, it was deemed for one to be “cool” when one smoked many decades ago, but living healthily has risen up on many people’s personal agendas now. While some of us might have the discipline to quit smoking cold turkey, others might find it to be a whole lot more challenging to do so, which is why there have been alternatives such as nicotine patches, e-cigarettes and vaping devices. If all else fails, how about the $99.95 Smoking Cessation Program?

This happens to be a 10-day cessation program that addresses the physical and psychological challenges of quitting smoking without having to make use of nicotine. It is different from other stop-smoking aids such as gum or patches, as it makes use of homeopathic principles including aversion and audio therapy. The foldable headset will deliver therapeutic music and rely on a dozen LEDs (six per ear) to transmit light energy to pressure points within the ear, which will assist in reducing the amount of stress and anxiety associated with nicotine withdrawal. It also comes with a 1-oz. homeopathic spray that uses all-natural non-addictive ingredients to help reduce tobacco cravings with two under-the-tongue squirts. Thrown into the mix is a 46-minute CD that offers audio therapy which will calm the mind and provide one with the relevant psychological empowerment to overcome a smoking addiction. Pretty much your stop smoking therapist on the move!

Baby Doppler is handy for safer pregnancies

by Edwin

baby-dopplerBeing pregnant is a very joyful moment in a couple’s lives, especially for those who have been wanting to have a baby for the longest time. However, getting pregnant is just the first step – there are many other things in which one needs to make sure that everything else will be smooth sailing down the road, and in this day and age, it is not surprising at all to hear that there are miscarriages happening all too frequently. Well, a device like the Baby Doppler would definitely come in handy in helping prevent such a tragedy from happening.

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The Alen Breathesmart Air Purifier helps those who suffer from allergies

by Caitlyn

Alen Breathsmart

When you have allergies, asthma, or any other breathing issue, you want to make sure your home is pretty clean. If you start to let things get dirty, it’s hard to go about your day like a normal person since you’re either plagued with mucus or can’t get a full breath. While dusting, nightmare of an experience as it is, and vacuuming will definitely help, having pets or a seasonal change is going to put things in the air that neither of those chores will take care of on their own.

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Motion Sickness Relief Band provides quick relief

by Edwin

reliefbandWhen it comes to traveling, we should never, ever take anything for granted, and even more so if the place which we are traveling to happens to be somewhere that is far away in the interior, or the facilities are not so well developed. After all, accidents do happen without prior warning, and hence having the right equipment to ensure that safety and comfort of all involved is of utmost importance. For instance, the Heated Fleece Travel Blanket provides warm comfort no matter how long the journey is. Why not make sure that you bring that along with the $99.95 Motion Sickness Relief Band?

The Motion Sickness Relief Band happens to be a wearable device that stimulates nerves on the inner wrist so that it can provide medication-free relief of motion sickness caused by boat, air, or vehicle travel. It will make use of a treatment proven effective in multiple medical journals, as the band transmits gentle electrostatic pulses to the wrist’s P6 acupressure point, which will harmlessly disrupt the nerve signals between the brain and stomach that cause nausea. This is a reusable device that does not require abstaining from food or drink and quickly alleviates symptoms without resulting in drowsiness. Not only that, it is also splash-resistant device and comes with five intensity settings, a low-battery indicator, and an adjustable nylon strap for a comfortable, non-constricting fit. It will also work in relieving nausea caused by pregnancy, surgery, and other medical conditions and treatments, now how about that for versatility?

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