An Interview with Alek about his Halloween Lights

by Al

We’ve got a bit of a special today, an interview with Alek Komarnitsky, who’s famous for his interactive Halloween and Christmas light displays. As tonight is witching night it only seemed appropriate to publish this interview today. So without further ado let’s hear what Alek had to say.

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Unique Towel Holder (seeing is believing)

by Al

Dog End

There are many unique gadgets and innovations out there, if you ever wonder how somebody comes up with the ideas for some of the wackiest contraptions, you might find the following of interest. “I was sitting in a particularly dull lecture one day giggling to myself about the striking similarity between old fashioned tea towel holders and a certain part of the anatomy. Later that day as I walked home …

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Moving data over power lines

by Marc

Devolo dLan

This is a very nice idea that was promised long ago but has taken many years to materialise. Devolo have launched a range of products that will give you an ethernet network in your house by using your mains wiring to carry the data around. Setting up a network is a simple as plugging in an adapter at each location you want an ethernet port.

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The TV Listener

by Anita


Are you tired of trying to hear your favorite television shows with all the noise in the house? Do you always hear your wife tell you to turn down the TV while you are watching the big game? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and wish you could turn on the television without disturbing your spouse? If you answered yes to any of these questions then …

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The ultimate seat?

by Marc

Toto toilet control

I wish more Japanese gizmos were available to us in the west. Take this for example. Clearly the picture is of a control panel. But for what? An air conditioning system? An alarm clock? No, it’s the control for a toilet seat!

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Vitamin C shower!

by Marc

Vitamin C shower

Perhaps we should rename Coolest Gadgets to Strangest Gadgets – certainly a few more entries like this one and there’d be a case for it! Apparently Vitamin C dechlorinates water as well as being associated with youthful, wrinkle-free skin. Clearly orange juice isn’t an efficient enough delivery mechanism (or perhaps it has different properties when taken internally, what do I know?) Anyway VitaCShower think you need it dispensed through your …

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Palm Z22 Handheld

by Keith

Palm Z22

Following some confusing merger of palmOne and PalmSource some time ago, a brand new handheld Palm Z22 is finally being introduced to the public. To compliment a fresh start for Palm, a new modeling scheme is engineered in Palm Z22, including functions to allow users ease of use. Palm Z22 is specially built for first time owners, students, housewives and ladies in search of lightweight but highly functional PDA in …

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Yet Another Digital Picture Frame

by Al

Digital picture frame

We’ve reported before on digital picture frames but when looking at the new stuff on ThinkGeek this one caught my eye. It’s got all the standard features of ordinary digital picture frames but has a few extra features to keep us true gadgets lovers happy, firstly it doesn’t need to be connected to a computer, it accepts a wealth of different memory cards (why there are this many different types …

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