Eubiq power strip

by Marc

As we were coming to the end of the Ideal home expo yesterday we stumbled upon these guys with a pretty unique offering. It’s hard to make out from the photo but that rail is a power distribution system. Each of those components (a standard UK socket, a light and two direct wire plug replacements at each end) can clip onto the center rail at any point and receive power. …

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OSIM iSymphonic Chair

by Al

Massage Chair

Marc and I went to the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court yesterday to see what gadgets we could find to report on, the show wasn’t really aimed at gadget fanatics but there were a few things that caught my eye. One of the first stands we saw was for the OSIM iSymphonic Chair and with demonstration models available we just had to have a go. The chair was comfy …

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Magic Taps

by Al

Magic Tap

I’ve seen these a couple of times in the UK, where you put your hands under a tap and they automagically turn on (don’t know why it took so long driers have been doing it for years). Well you can now buy them for your home.

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Grenade Alarm

by Al

Grenade Alarm Clock

If you find it difficult to awaken kids on school days you can take revenge with this nasty little alarm. Simply pull the pin out, throw it through the bedroom door and cover your ears. In 20 seconds the sonic alarm will let out an ear blistering racket which will be sure to wake the heaviest of sleepers.

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FP-300 fingerprint door lock

by Marc

Biometric door lock

I’ve been looking at devices around the home recently and I stumbled upon these biometric door locks. The concept is not new of course but it’s only in the last few years that they’ve been available as a plug and play (drill and play?) package for home installations. I’ve seen a few different models and as I was looking at the specs I noticed one glaring fact – the cheap …

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TIX LED Clock now in the UK

by Al

I remember reporting on this cool clock last month but with me being based in the UK I could only get one by importing it from the States (ThinkGeek to be precise). I was pleased to find today that it is now being stocked and sold over here by Firebox so my credit card is out and I’ll report back here if it’s as cool as the pictures look.

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Pumpkin Carving Kit

by Al

Pumpkin Carving Kit

This may not be anything new to our friends across the pond but in the UK when it comes to pumpkin carving we normally just use a marker pen and the sharpest knife we’re allowed to use from the kitchen. This means that the majority of our carved pumpkins are pretty amateurish compared to those you see on the teen horror movies. However thanks to the Pumpkin Carving Kit things …

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Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera (DCS-6620G)

by Keith

D-Link Wireless Internet Camera

As one of the leading provider of wired and wireless IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, D-Link once again introduces another new member of the SECURICAM Network family of the Internet Cameras: the DCS-6620G. Featuring Wireless G capability (802.11g wireless connectivity) with 10x optical zoom lens, this Internet camera also features dual codec support, built-in microphone, and low light-sensitivity. With its small size, it sits easily undetected in a corner. This device …

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