Vitamin C shower!

by Marc

Perhaps we should rename Coolest Gadgets to Strangest Gadgets – certainly a few more entries like this one and there’d be a case for it! Apparently Vitamin C dechlorinates water as well as being associated with youthful, wrinkle-free skin. Clearly orange juice isn’t an efficient enough delivery mechanism (or perhaps it has different properties when taken internally, what do I know?) Anyway VitaCShower think you need it dispensed through your …

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Palm Z22 Handheld

by Keith

Palm Z22

Following some confusing merger of palmOne and PalmSource some time ago, a brand new handheld Palm Z22 is finally being introduced to the public. To compliment a fresh start for Palm, a new modeling scheme is engineered in Palm Z22, including functions to allow users ease of use. Palm Z22 is specially built for first time owners, students, housewives and ladies in search of lightweight but highly functional PDA in …

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Yet Another Digital Picture Frame

by Al

Digital picture frame

We’ve reported before on digital picture frames but when looking at the new stuff on ThinkGeek this one caught my eye. It’s got all the standard features of ordinary digital picture frames but has a few extra features to keep us true gadgets lovers happy, firstly it doesn’t need to be connected to a computer, it accepts a wealth of different memory cards (why there are this many different types …

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Pepper pad now available in Best Buy

by Marc

Pepper pad

If there was ever “One gadget to bind them” this might well be it. A tablet PC with a decent screen (8.4″), browser, email client, movie and video players etc plus WiFi, bluetooth AND to top it all an infra red blaster that can be programmed as a learning remote. It looks like it’s got a small but useable keyboard over on the left panel with a number pad on …

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Super Fridge

by Damian

Super Fridge

The final product that I’ll be covering in IBM’s Smart Kitchen is their Super Fridge. I’m not sure the actual name that IBM gave this fridge, but Super Fridge is just the nickname I use to describe it, because to be honest I think it could kick the crap out of my refrigerator. The Super Fridge has a list that tells you exactly what is inside your refrigerator. There is …

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Stand ‘N Store Step Stool with Internal Storage Area and Lift-Out Tray

by Anita


Are you looking for a gift for the man or woman that has every literally everything? Then maybe you should consider purchasing the Stand ‘N Store Step Stool with Internal Storage Area and Lift-Out Tray. This is the perfect gift for any man or woman that could use a step stool with all the tools they will ever need inside in a tray that can be conveniently lifted out. It …

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IBM Media Centre

by Damian

IBM Media Centre

This is the continued product review for IBM’s Smart Kitchen. This time I take a look at IBM’s media center for the kitchen. Basically IBM is marketing this, with the other components of the smart kitchen, as a gadget that will save you time and allow you to spend more time with your family. So what does it do exactly? Well it plays DVDs, CDs, and allows you to surf …

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New Epson home cinema in a box

by Marc

Epson EMP-TWD1

New in the Epson range of home cinema projectors is the EMP-TWD1. The USP here is the inclusion of a JVC DVD player, meaning all you need is a suitable wall or foldaway screen and you’ve got a home cinema that you can drag out of the cupboard for the occasional movie or big game, and put away again when you’re not using it. Epson are a large manufacturer/supplier of …

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