Kidz-Med TeddyCam

by Anita

We all worry about our children when we leave them in the care of others, even in our own home, that is why this Kidz-Med TeddyCam is excellent for reassuring us that our little ones are in the best hands possible. No matter, if you use a nanny on a full time basis or you use the next-door neighbor as a babysitter for a night out on the town, you …

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Light Snacks

by Anita


If you are looking for great new gifts this year to give out to family and friends then you are sure to find these Light Snacks an awesome gift to give. Not only will it not empty your wallet to purchase several sets of these for everyone on your gift list, but it will also be a gift they will definitely use. How many times have you gotten up in …

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Inflatable Massage Chair

by Al

Inflatable Massage Chair

This isn’t the newest of products but it’s the first time I’ve seen one, it may not be the quality of the OSIM massage chair but a portable inflatable massage chair is still pretty cool. I actually read the advert for this in a newspaper supplement (The Daily Star embarrassingly enough). The description of “The most wonderfully relaxing chair you will ever buy” may be a slight exaggeration but the …

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Laundry Rug Bag

by Anita


Okay, you have sent your son or daughter off to college but you know you will see them when they run out of clean clothes to wear. Well, why not give them a gift that will at least keep all their dirty laundry in one place even if it is on the floor. The Laundry Rug Bag is an innovative new way for all those lazy souls that just hate …

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The Wovel

by Anita


Well, it is almost wintertime again and you are probably not looking forward to shoveling the sidewalks, driveway and possible the sidewalks at your office. Who really enjoys spending several hours out in the cold doing strenuous labor just to remove snow and ice from walking areas? Well with the Wovel, you will really enjoy clearing away that snow. You may even get your teenager to start shoveling not only …

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Sparkle Spa

by Anita


We all have fine jewelry that we would love to keep sparkling as it did on the day we received it, but if it is jewelry that you wear every day it is sure to get tarnished and dirty. To keep your jewelry in tiptop shaped it should be cleaned regularly but who really wants to take off their wedding rings long enough to take it to professionals for a …

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Talking Forehead Thermometer

by Anita


The talking forehead thermometer can be a parent’s best friend. If you have ever experienced trying to take a toddlers temperature the old fashion way then you know just how extremely frustrating it can be. Even when a child a sick, if they are like mine, they still run around the house and have plenty of energy and do not want to stop long enough for you to take their …

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Audio Bubble Light

by Anita


We all need a bit of relaxing time and this Audio Bubble Light is the sure ticket. This cool gadget dances to the sound of music with lights and bubbles from your CD player, iPod, or computer. It even has four pre-recorded nature sounds to enlighten the bubbles. The Audio Bubble light has four swirling colors, which are red, yellow, blue, and green. The light will soothe and relax anyone …

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