Stargate Coasters

by Edwin

Love the Stargate series? Fret not, you are not going to open up any wormholes in your home to turn it upside down when an alien visits you with the Stargate Coasters, where they will retail anywhere from $24.99 to $29.99, depending on the model (SG-1 or Stargate Universe). I would not be surprised to hear from some of you that this was unearthed from some Egyptian sand dune or …

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Fingerprint Recognizing Espresso Machine

by Edwin

Are you a coffee lover? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, then here is something which you might just want to check out, especially if you happen to share the same house with others who have an equal (or more) love of caffeine as with you. After all, those living under the same roof as you might want to use your expensive Italian coffee machine, so it makes …

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Switch Pop Bottle Opener

by Edwin

If you’re macho and you know it, you would have scoffed at bottle openers, preferring to use your set of pearly whites instead. Wait a minute here, this is somewhat an oxymoron, since pearly whites and macho don’t go together due to all the booze and perhaps cigarettes that you consume. Anyways, that is just a small technicality, and one thing’s for sure – your teeth will not be there …

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Blade Preserving Knife Sharpener

by Edwin

The law of entropy sees wear and tear on the universe bringing things to an end, never mind that time seems to continue trolling on, laboring under the death of humans, animals, plants and star systems alike. Well, having said that, not everything is forever, except maybe for diamonds, but that is not what we are going to focus on today. No sir, we will be looking at the $149.95 …

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Homemade Pet Treats Maker

by Edwin

For the majority of us, no one whips up a meal as delicious as mum, as dad tends to order pizza or put in TV dinners into the microwave. Well, as a dog owner, your four legged friend’s world comprises only of you – he or she does not have a favorite TV series, and neither can a Kong toy last him/her all day long. So why not forget about …

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Espro Press project needs your help

by Edwin

Coffee lovers from our readership, your help is needed! If you want to be part of the innovation known as the Espro Press, it is currently being displayed at the Kickstarter page, being touted as a precision coffee brewer that is similar to a French press, although it does have a patent-pending two-stage micro-filter which is touted to preserve all of the freshly brewed flavors and aromas, while making sure …

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Coffee from a tap is now a reality

by Edwin

I know that some of us like nothing better than to knock back a tipple or two after a particularly long, hard day at work. I helps keep stress at bay, or so I would like to think so, not to mention help working at breweries as well as malt fields to keep their job in this multi-billion dollar industry. Well, some of you might like to drink from a …

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Robot Tea Infuser

by Edwin

Who says that robots will rule over us humans in the distant future? I suppose things will still remain the same, where we lord it over those digital beings. Otherwise, how else are you able to explain the $9.99 Robot Tea Infuser? Sure, they might have the relevant know-how in how to perform a whole lot of complex tasks, but what do they know about making a good cup of …

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