Coffee from a tap is now a reality

by Edwin

I know that some of us like nothing better than to knock back a tipple or two after a particularly long, hard day at work. I helps keep stress at bay, or so I would like to think so, not to mention help working at breweries as well as malt fields to keep their job in this multi-billion dollar industry. Well, some of you might like to drink from a …

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Robot Tea Infuser

by Edwin

Who says that robots will rule over us humans in the distant future? I suppose things will still remain the same, where we lord it over those digital beings. Otherwise, how else are you able to explain the $9.99 Robot Tea Infuser? Sure, they might have the relevant know-how in how to perform a whole lot of complex tasks, but what do they know about making a good cup of …

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Digital Spoon Measure

by Edwin

Since the whole world has become far more digitized today than ever before, it makes perfect sense for digital technology to permeate different parts of our life – including those at home, and especially for folks who love cooking, in the kitchen. While it might take years of experience to more of less figure out just how much salt or a particular condiment needs to be included in a dish, …

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R2-D2 Nutcracker

by Edwin

You know that Star Wars is one of the most profitable movie franchises to date – just check out the kind of merchandise that this particular series boasts and look me in the eye, telling me that George Lucas isn’t one of the richer people around. The guy hasn’t milked this particular cash cow dry, with his latest (non-viewable) efforts resulting in the 32.99 R2-D2 Nutcracker. We all know that …

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Salt & Pepper Power Battery Shakers

by Edwin

You can literally “power up” your meals with the Salt & Pepper Power Battery Shakers – these will come in interesting D battery replicas, and they’re not poisonous in any way whenever it comes into contact with your food. Definitely the way to amplify the taste of your spread, and whenever they run out of flavor power, you need not buy a new set for $11.99 – no sir, all …

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Tiki Pepper Grinder

by Edwin

Somehow, when I see the Tiki Pepper Grinder, it reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow and the many adventures that he went through, getting all exciting especially when he tries to run away from a tribe of cannibals (although there was not a single element of Tiki in the movie). The same kind of situation has also been depicted in many other adventure films, so why not bring home a …

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Veggichop helps shred that veg sans electrical power

by Edwin

Don’t you think that sometimes, it is just nice to go back to the good ol’ days when there is no need to depend on this thing called electricity, and when you need to get something done, you do it yourself the manual way? The Veggichop certainly brings back memories of a mortar and pestle in the kitchen, with grandma pounding away on her family secret of herbs and spices …

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Electrolux concept laptop is also a stove

by Mark R

Electrolux has a Design contest every year, and I take it that they just love concept designs. This laptop is one of the more unusual ones. I don’t know how practical it is, and you can see how easy it is to describe. It is a laptop that has a stove on it, for crying out loud. The first thing I could think of was “where is the keyboard”? I …

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