Doctor Who Exclusive Dalek Tumbler Set

by Edwin

Do you have an appetite on all things that have to do with the Doctor Who series? If you have answered in the affirmative, perhaps it is time to slake that thirst with the $59.99 Doctor Who Exclusive Dalek Tumbler Set. Yes sir, this bad boy will definitely scream “Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!” whenever you encounter any thirst in your throat, assuming there is some life giving water inside, of course. …

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minibru Coffee Mug

by Edwin

You might think that a coffee mug is just that – a coffee mug. However, what if we were to tell you that the $24.99 minibru Coffee Mug is no ordinary coffee mug? Sit down and hear us out for a while as to the uniqueness of this particular drinking contraption. Basically, it is capable of making a single cup of French press – executing it to perfection, if you …

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The Shot Flask

by Edwin

You can shoot from the hip – without harming anyone in the process other than your liver, of course, and when you have drunk enough, it is time for you to shoot from the mouth as well. The £19.99 Shot Flask is nothing quite like a hip flask. It oozes with class, and sure as heck beats carrying a keg on your shoulder, where the latter is definitely far from …

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Kitchen Convenience

by Alison

Time for a kitchen fix! For you cooks out there, have you ever taken a step back from the counter when making a concoction only to find EVERY measuring tool strewn across the surface? Ugh. It seems that you never need just the teaspoon or just the ¼ cup. It always has to involve every device plus a spoon or whisk to mix it. This is exactly why we all …

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Chill Out, Without Ice

by Alison

More wine talk! Wine temperatures sure make a difference, even for the uneducated drinker. If you put two glasses of Pinot Grigio in front of anyone – one room temp and one at a proper 35 degrees – guess what tastes better? Or even a nice red. Room temp is too warm. Chill just a smidge and the flavor comes out. And don’t forget the importance of chilling sparkling wines. …

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Musical Wine Glasses

by Edwin

I am quite sure that back when you were a wee little kid in school, you realized that different levels of water in glasses could create various “notes” whenever your finger rubs on the rims of the glass. Why not be a whole lot more professional now that you are all grown up, with money in the bank to spare? I am referring to the £39.99 Musical Wine Glasses, where …

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Organize Your Spices

by Alison

Have you ever been in the midst of cooking, mucked up hands and all, and needed to get to spices? Pull open the drawer and try to find the one you need. Next thing you know you are trying to open that new jar of paprika by stabbing it with a massive chef’s knife only to have butterfingers take over and yep – paprika shower. Dealing with those little spice …

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