Caffe Porcellana Stovetop Espresso Maker

by Edwin

Do you love your coffee, as in you are totally head over heels with it that the manner or preparation must follow certain steps, otherwise you would downright think it came from some mud hole? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative for that question, perhaps it is time you check out the $39.99 Caffe Porcellana Stovetop Espresso Maker. Yes sir, with this bad boy, we are looking at …

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Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like a piping hot cup of coffee for you to begin the day with, and while some of us are able to make do with any kind of coffee without having to complain, while others are far more picky with their taste buds. Well, you know what they say – if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself, and here we are with …

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A True “Cool” Gadget

by Alison

A majority of the devices we write about fit into a breadbox. Which is sort of the optimum size for what we define as a gadget. Yet gadgetry should not be limited in size – so say all the car manufacturers at CES and electronics giants like Samsung. Gadgetry should improve the conveniences we already enjoy in life. Like our fridge!

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“Slow Down” Says Your Fork

by Alison

The health and fitness gadget category has exploded in the last year. With innovations like the FitBit and Nike Fuel, tracking your daily activity becomes easier and easier. One of the toughest parts of using these gadgets is the ongoing quest of managing your diet and food intake. If there were only a dietitian that could follow us all around and track food, remind us when to eat, tell us to slow …

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The Only Perfect Temperature Electric French Press

by Edwin

You know, when you have a device that costs close to a Benjamin with a name that goes like this, “The Only Perfect Temperature Electric French Press”, you would surely expect quite a lot from it, don’t you think so? After all, there is the word “perfect” thrown into the mix, so expectations should run pretty high if you are on the lookout for a French press that churns out …

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Hands Free Wine Aerator

by Edwin

When you talk about a hands-free device, most of the time, our minds would drift towards something like a Bluetooth headset. After all, we all know just how dangerous can it be not only to ourselves, but to other road users as well if we were to use one hand to hold the steering wheel, and the other the smartphone. Well, here is a hands-free device that you might want …

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Flask Tie comes with hidden flask inside

by Edwin

Once in a while, a really zany idea crops up – and here we are with the $25 Flask Tie that is clearly pretty much self descriptive. To put it in a nutshell, the Flask Tie would make for the ideal piece in any executive’s wardrobe, although it has an added advantage of sporting a removable hidden flask pouch within. Just in case you were wondering what kind of company …

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See Your Toast

by Alison

Sincere apologies to Coolest Gadgets readers. This toaster has been out for awhile and we failed to show you how cool it is! I love toast. I hate burnt toast. It seems like the toaster does fine one day and changes the next. Or someone adjusts the settings and I don’t notice. Before you know it you have the smoke detector beeping, charred bread and you are late for work. …

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