Pop-Up Hotdog Cooker

by Anita

If you are looking for a healthier and easier way to cook a great tasting hot dog then you should try the Pop-Up Hotdog Cooker. It is so easy small children can make their own hotdogs. You never have to worry about getting the grill the ready, over-cooking in the microwave, or have a regular old boiled hot dog again. If you love toasted buns for your hot dogs then …

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Touchless Trashcan

by Anita


How many of us would love to have a trashcan that automatically opens when you need it. With the touchless trashcan you will never have to touch that dirty trashcan again and can throw away your eggshells and go right back to cooking. I am a fanatic when it comes to washing my hands while I am cooking and when I have to keep touching the trashcan to throw things …

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Micro Fiber Miracle Cleaning Cloths

by Anita


If you are tired of having all those smelly and dangerous chemical in your home just to keep your house clean and spotless you will be, glad to learn that there is an innovative new way to keep your home clean and free from germs with just water. The answer is Micro Fiber Miracle Cleaning Cloths. These great cleaning cloths are created with micro fiber. You may wonder what this …

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Light Snacks

by Anita


If you are looking for great new gifts this year to give out to family and friends then you are sure to find these Light Snacks an awesome gift to give. Not only will it not empty your wallet to purchase several sets of these for everyone on your gift list, but it will also be a gift they will definitely use. How many times have you gotten up in …

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Acrylic Cookbook holder

by Anita


The holidays are coming once again, and it is time to get out all the cookbooks and recipes that you have for all the treats that you will prepare. If you are anything like most people that start preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner you have more than one cookbook open and are fixing more than one thing at a time. The problem comes in when you need to check …

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Mop Slippers

by Anita


Are you real tired of cleaning the floor after each and every person in your family walks across the floor with muddy feet? Well, then you should get every one a pair of mop slippers. Just put a pair for every member of your family by the front and back door and then have them remove their shoes and place on the mop slippers. This will stop the mud and …

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Super Fridge

by Damian

Super Fridge

The final product that I’ll be covering in IBM’s Smart Kitchen is their Super Fridge. I’m not sure the actual name that IBM gave this fridge, but Super Fridge is just the nickname I use to describe it, because to be honest I think it could kick the crap out of my refrigerator. The Super Fridge has a list that tells you exactly what is inside your refrigerator. There is …

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IBM Media Centre

by Damian

IBM Media Centre

This is the continued product review for IBM’s Smart Kitchen. This time I take a look at IBM’s media center for the kitchen. Basically IBM is marketing this, with the other components of the smart kitchen, as a gadget that will save you time and allow you to spend more time with your family. So what does it do exactly? Well it plays DVDs, CDs, and allows you to surf …

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