Ecopod e1 Home Recycling Center brings green initiative home

by Edwin

The world’s getting warmer with all the gas guzzlers that are sitting in our garage, so why not bring some recycling initiative home with the Ecopod e1 Home Recycling Center in order to ease the load on Mother Nature? Designed by BMW Designworks, the Ecopod looks like a high-tech waste bin but it is actually a pretty simple device by itself. This Home Recycling Center enables you to dispose of …

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The RoboMop

by Al


The RoboMop is a neat robotic solution to cleaning smooth floors. It does look a bit cheap and plasticy but if it saves a bit of menial labor who cares what it looks like.

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Buster is the kid-friendly vacuum cleaner

by Mike

The Buster

Little kids tend to be scared of the vacuum cleaner. It might be the scary light, loud noise, or the fact that if you put your fingers under it, they’ll get stuck. The designer .tina. is trying to put a stop to that fear. Her solution is called the Buster, a kid-friendly and cool looking vacuum cleaner.

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Bring some sunlight into your home

by Edwin


Do you find yourself saving up money each month and looking forward to making a purchase of that gadget you’ve always wanted, only to be thwarted by a heartache-inducing power bill? One cannot run away from the fact that lighting up a house properly is a necessity, but then there are better ways to do so. Sunlight Direct’s innovative halogen/solar lighting aims to bring in natural sunlight in a focused …

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Dyson CR01 revolutionize laundry

by Edwin


How many of you would rate the washing machine is one of the sexiest items in your homes? Definitely, almost positively none. Most washing machines are placed behind the house or down in the basement itself, and seldom would you bring your house guests to ogle at it as you prefer them to compliment you on your latest LCD HDTV sitting in the living room that is hooked up to …

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ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock System

by Tiago

ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock

I have never been a fan of fingerprint door lock systems but this one looks interesting to say the least, to start with it automatically locks the door after you leave your house – so no worries about that aspect. One point that worries me in this kind of door locks is how easy it might be for a thief to damage the device with a screw driver or any …

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Cool Amibient Light Shelfs

by Al

Mood Light Shelf

It’s normally what you put on shelves that make them interesting but that’s not the case with the Mood Light Shelf. MOOD LIGHT SHELF, an illuminated, colour-changing shelf based on ultra bright LEDs, is the latest newcomer in the multiple award-winning Mood Light Collection. The Mood Light Shelf has a range of millions of colors, and because it can be mounted vertically or horizontally, it can be used in multiple …

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Auto Opening Trash Can

by Al

Auto Trash Can

You know the scenario; you’ve just wiped over the kitchen work surfaces and have swept a mass of crud and crumbs into your hand. All you need to do now is open the dustbin lid and deposit said crud into the trash. Aarrgg! On opening the bin, you’ve now lost most of the muck onto the floor and all around the bin. Much cursing then begins as you re-start the …

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