Remote Controlled Umbrella

by Al

If you find putting up your patio umbrella too much like hard work then you’ll want one of these remote controlled umbrellas. Goes up or down by the flick of a switch, crazy! Available from Smart Home.

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Misting Fan Cooler

by Al

Misting Fan

I saw the patio misting system over on Uber Review which is cool but static (it gets hot at the end of my garden too, 4 days a year). If you need a mobile cooling system you can get a misting fan. It boosts to reduce the temperature by up to 25 degrees and covers 950 square feet which is more than ample for my BBQ area and would probably …

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Plant Me Pets

by Al

Plant Me

These cute little figures could leave you in a quandary, do you keep them or plant them. The eyes on each figure are actually seeds and the body contains nutrients to help it grow. You can get a melon, tomato or pumpkin. Plant them or keep them, you decide Plant Me Pets found via HippyShopper and Pop Gadget.

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The Inflatable Affordable Spa

by Al

Inflatable Spa

Having a spa in your backyard is a sure sign of decadence. Generally they’ve been pretty pricey and far from usable year round in the UK, so only a permille of the population have one in the back garden. Today I came across the Lay-z-Spa which is both portable and relatively cheap.

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Hi-tech versus third-world gadget solutions

by Paz

Hammacher mosquito trap

Summer’s here and the coolest gadget team are turning their attention to barbeques, parties and mosquitoes. As many of you will know, mosquitoes can ruin those warm summer evenings for some, and be a serious threat to the health of others. I’m sure you’ve heard of a million gizmos that claim to repel mosquitoes with chemicals, ultrasound etc. Here we’ve found a couple of contrasting approaches to mosquito control, depending …

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BBQ Apron Set

by Al

BBQ Apron

This has got to be the perfect accompaniment to the beer holster we covered yesterday, the BBQ Apron Set. I’d rather this had been a BBQ Utility Belt as aprons don’t look very manly but I’m sure a roaring BBQ will make up for that. The BBQ Apron Set holds all the implements you’ll need to do your outdoor cooking and charred sausage retrieval missions. Available from Ministry of Gadget.

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Giant Inflatable Projector Screen

by Al

Inflatable Projector Screen

If you like watching your sport outdoors but prefer watching it on the screen rather than in a stadium then the giant inflatable screen could be just what you never realised you wanted.

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Solar Powered Tile Lights

by Al

Solar powered tile light

Paving slabs and patios are generally pretty bland and boring (though they do provide an area for a computer case DIY BBQ). In order to literally brighten up a boring old patio you could go for these solar powered tile lights, they charge during the day and shine at night.

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