ENKI Super O2 Watering System

by Edwin

Plants, just like humans, require oxygen in order to survive. While they release oxygen during the day whenever the process of photosynthesis occurs, they do require oxygen when there is no sunlight. Why not give them the very best with the ENKI Super O2 Watering System? Grow greener, bigger and brighter plants with this unique watering system! The Enki Super O2 water system super-oxygenates water, so your plants produce more …

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SnoJoe Snow Thrower

by Edwin


Shoveling snow is one of the more torturous chores around the home, but thankfully we have the SnoJoe Snow Thrower. Here’s a virtually effortless way to clear small drives, walkways, and porches. Just plug in, turn the key and SnowJoe does the job. No messy gasoline engine to struggle with. Cuts a 12″ wide path through snow up to 6″ deep and throws it up to 20 feet. Safe to …

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UPB Rain8 Sprinkler Controller

by Edwin


While sprinklers in your garden are convenient, they aren’t exactly eco friendly unless you keep an extremely close eye on them. Integrate sprinkler or watering system control into your UPB home automation system with the UPB Rain8, a full-featured, 8-zone irrigation controller that accepts and reacts to standard UPB commands. This opens up the world of sprinkler and irrigation system control to anyone with UPB timers, remote controls, even over-the-Internet …

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Prepara Herb-Savor Keeps Your Herbs Fresh For Weeks

by Carolyn


I really enjoy cooking. I’m a sucker for any cooking show on the Food Network and I buy all the nifty gadgets, knives, tools they use. I even try to emulate the techniques and products that they flaunt across my television screen. “Use lots of fresh herbs!” they exclaim while they eschew any form of dried herbs as the most disgusting thing in the world. Unlike these chefs on television, …

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E-Light sheds some light on outdoor parties

by James


Though summer has given way to the dropping leaves of fall, as we march to the cold snows of winter, it’s never too late to think of outdoor entertaining. And with the E-Light Umbrella Light, not only can patio party’s be lit well into the evening, but the built in iPod jack allows for some wonderful music as well.

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Mathmos brings Aduki Bling

by Edwin


The Aduki Bling from Mathmos ain’t no kung fu move, but is an indoor/outdoor metallic light instead that resembles a gold bean whenever it is turned off. Once you power it, the Aduki Bling will change color, cycling through one of the three LED colors. A full charge is capable of powering it for up to 8 hours, and since it is splash-proof, you don’t have to worry about shielding …

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Grow your own stuff

by Edwin


So you think you’re a hidden green finger at heart? Why not prove it with Grow Its! The Chilli Kit comes with five different varieties of chilli seeds, including Tepin, the world’s hottest for the truly brave. The Herb Kit comes with basil, parsley, chives, rosemary and thyme, so you can get a proper mini kitchen herb garden going, and the Bonsai Kit too has five different varieties of Bonsai …

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Ultra Sonic Cordless Repeller

by Edwin


Having a yard can be a blessing and curse at the same time – you get to plant just about any tree you like, but maintaining it and preventing unwanted pests from roaming around can be a pain in the rear. Enjoy a pest-free yard year-round. Simply set the dial to the specific pest you want to repel, and this cordless repeller rids your property of cats, dogs, skunks, rodents, …

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