Power Plant Growing Machine

by Edwin

Don’t have green fingers as every single plant that has gone through your hands inexplicably dies off sometime down the road regardless of how much love, care and attention you shower upon it? Things might take a turn for the better with the Power Plant Growing Machine. A result of pioneering NASA technology this mains-powered box of magic lets you grow plants, all season, without soil. A nifty internal microjet …

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UV Monkey

by Edwin


Summer’s here for those living in the northern hemisphere, and you’ll need to make sure you get enough sunscreen on your back if you plan to spend lots of time under the sun to attain that lovely tan. We’d highly recommend you bring the UV Monkey with you though. This small keyring gadget is like your own personal space monkey. The UV Monkey will assist you by checking UV levels …

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Asado Grill Instant BBQ Stand

by Edwin


Summer’s here for some parts of the world, and that would mean organizing cookouts as well as having a generally fun time with friends and family while the sun still shines. The Asado Grill Instant BBQ Stand ought to make those cookouts a much more fun experience, as it boasts both simplicity and genius in a single contraption – all you need to do is slot your instant barbecue in …

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3D Star Wars Starfighter Kites

by Edwin


Star Wars fans will definitely find the following 3D Star Wars Starfighter Kites something worth purchasing, especially for those who live in the northern hemisphere where summer’s here, which means spending plenty of time outdoors with family and friends to enjoy the nice, warm sun before the chill of autumn and winter sets in. Each ship is presented in all the kite detail that kites can provide. You can choose …

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The Solar Powered Bird-B-Gone Bird Repeller

by Ally


I usually like birds, that is as long as they’re in the proper environment.  I’m not exactly fond of them when they decide to use my car as target practice though.  There are just those times when birds go from being pretty melodious creatures to being a pain.  Well if you have a situation where the birds are causing trouble on a flat surface of some kind, that’s a little …

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Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blaster

by Edwin


Summer’s here in some parts of the world, making outdoor activities all the more fun instead of being cooped up at home all day long in front of the TV and a video game console. Why not pick up a handful of the Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blasters and have a field day in your garden or at the local park with your friends and family/ Who doesn’t need a …

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Intelligent Sprinkler Controller

by Edwin


Sprinklers are useful tools to have in the garden as they help you water your lawn and other plants without having to do so personally, but the Intelligent Sprinkler Controller goes one up on ordinary models since it is able to tell whether it might rain within the next 12 hours or so, automatically postponing scheduled watering cycles in the process. An integrated barometer monitors changes in barometric pressure and …

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The Neuton CE 6 Lawn Mower with rechargeable battery

by Ally


Although it would be great to have the robot solar powered mower that takes off and mows your lawn for you, plus the perk of it being eco-friendly.  However, it’s a bit on the expensive side, so it’s not something that most people can afford.  For those on a tighter budget, this battery-powered mower might be the better option.  It has the perk of being quiet due to being an …

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