Dr. Who Tardis Tent

by Edwin

Ah, to be young again, and to have numerous types of stuff to look forward to under the Christmas tree each year. Well, the Yuletide season might still be months away, but this is no excuse not to think of the future. After all, you can already start planning for the year end purchases, no? Failing to plan is planning to fail just in case you were wondering, and so …

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Leaf Genie helps you clear your yard in no time at all

by Edwin

Whenever fall arrives, there is just one particular house chore that you will need to get done – that is, to make sure that the leaves in your yard are all nicely swept away to one side, otherwise it would end up being a major mess, visually as well as physically. I guess that is where the alternative name for ‘autumn’ came in, no, with all of the leaves falling …

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Snowtime Anytime Snowballs

by Edwin

I know that we have just come out of winter, and for some of us, we prefer to remain in the bitter throes of winter all year long, as it means not having to deal with this thing known as sweat, in addition to the benefit of wearing added layers of clothing that help you conceal all the added pounds you gained over the holidays. Oh yeah, of course there …

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Add Tunes to the Picnic

by Alison

We take tunes everywhere these days. Tunes wake us up and we get tunes in the shower, tunes on the bus or in the car, tunes at the desk, and tunes at the gym. Technology enables us to take our favorite music wherever we choose. And that applies to more than music. Include podcasts, streaming radio, live sporting events and other audio too. This of course means we need to …

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Hanging Cocoon helps you relax

by Edwin

After a particularly hard day at work, all that you want to do is sit down, put your legs up, and relax. After all, “getting away from it all” is a must-do for you when you clock out at the office, and there are different ways employed by various people when it comes to de-stressing, and here is the $399.95 Hanging Cocoon that you might want to consider, instead of …

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Bird Box Radio and MP3 Speaker

by Edwin

If you happen to have a sizeable yard (whether it is at the back or in front, that does not matter), surely it would look a whole lot better with a carefully manicured lawn and some trees growing out of it, providing a decent amount of shade from the heat of the scorching sun. Where there are trees, you can be sure that life will be attracted to it, such …

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Grill – Come Rain, Shine or Snow

by Alison

Whether you are in the midst of Summer or in the depths of Winter enhancing your grilling never hurts. Some continue grilling all year round. Others play it more conservative and just look forward to warmer months. Brookstone offers a couple of tools that empower you to keep on grilling – regardless of the elements. And they now ship internationally.

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Brolly Rain Umbrella

by Edwin

We all love our modern day devices, and if you were to remove a smartphone from the hands of a teenager, university student or yuppie, it would be as though you chopped off one of their arms, and they will walk around in a dazed state, wondering just how the heck they are able to tell the rest of the world on what they had for lunch, and horror of …

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