ATP GPS Photo Finder

by Mark R

The ATP GPS Photo Finder is for those who really want to geotag your pictures. Some of you may do this thing where you sync your camera’s clock to your GPS, then you have to manually sync them up later on. Or maybe you don’t, because I don’t really geotag my pictures. However, if I were on a camping trip, and I wanted to know where I was so I …

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NX-7 GPS Navigation System

by Mark R


Oh, does everyone have one of these Navigation Systems now but me? Oh, I feel so out of it, like when I was in fourth grade, and all the kids had an Atari 2600 but me. Well, maybe could get my head in the game with the NX-7 GPS Navigation system. This great Korean product is super-slim, and it utilizes a super sensitive SiRF Star III GPS receiver. Not only …

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Get your own voice on your GPS!

by Mark R

Your PND

Gotta love driving these new cars with their GPS devices. With their mechanical voices saying “turn left”, “turn right”, or “next corner”. But it’s all so darn, oh I don’t know, impersonal. Can’t I have the voice that I want in there? Well, if I go over to the Your PND website, I can do that. However, there are a few obstacles. Number one, I don’t know the language. The …

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Zoombak Pet and Auto Locator

by Mark R


Gotta love that Hanson. They prophesized the Zoombak Pet and Auto Locator ten years before its release when they sang “Zoombak, Zoombak, Zoombak”. All right, I guess it was mmmbop, sorry. Still, the Zoombak is worth singing about. The Zoombak is a GPS that is smaller than a deck of cards and weighs less than three ounces. Once it is activated, it releases a signal that someone can find 24/7.

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Virtual Cable Shows You Where You’re Going

by Mark R

Virtual Cable

Now here is a GPS system that I could really get into. The Virtual Cable navigation system uses some type of projection technology to put a weird red ribbon directly on the windshield that tells you where to go. I don’t know much more detail than that, but it has to do with using lasers and mirrors. Unfortunately, it only exists as a concept only, but inventor Tom Zamojdo is …

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u-blox GPS technology in Navigon Porsche Design PND

by Edwin


Navigon has just rolled out a brand new high performance personal navigation device (PND) that was developed in partnership with Porsche Design, and this PND will be using u-blox’ ANTARIS 4 SuperSense GPS technology. The PND in question is the Navigon P9611 that comes in a rather diminutive 125mm x 82mm x 19mm package, tipping the scales at a mere 250 grams. You will get a whole range of hardware …

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TomTom GPS plays nice with Google Maps

by Carolyn


You know if you have a directionally challenged person on your holiday gift list. They’ve called you on more than one occasion while they’re driving, they’re hopelessly lost and you have to not only figure out where they are but also where they need to be. I personally have had to do this with a family member and I actually had to go by landmarks, gas stations and national hotel …

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Columbus unveils Ranger

by Edwin


Columbus Geographic Systems has just released yet another GPS navigation system so that you will be able to find your way to your parents’ home this upcoming holiday season without getting lost – not a very simple thing to do especially when you’ve been away from home for a couple of decades and many new buildings have sprouted up all over the place. Dubbed the Ranger, this offering from Columbus …

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