Garmin nüvi 465T targets truckers

by Edwin

Garmin International Inc. is a common name when it comes to satellite navigation, and this time round they show that they do not only care about ordinary drivers like you and I, but they also have the interests of over-the-road, long-haul navigation and delivery trucks in their hearts by announcing the new nüvi 465T. Unveiled at the Mid America Truck Show that is currently going on till the 21st, the …

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Snooper helps find your lost dog

by James

On Christmas Day, I had a dog disappear on us, prompting me to spend most of my holiday putting up “have you seen this dog?” notices all over the neighborhood. Notices which did absolutely no good whatsoever (the woman who found him called the number on his tag two days later). After he left us to go to that great puppy farm in the sky, we got another dog who …

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i-gotU Babe with the GT-120 Geotagger

by Mark R

The latest fad for taking pictures on vacation, especially a hike, is geotagging, a way of cataloguing your pictures with GPS coordinates in case you want to find the place where you visited again. Unfortunately, some people don’t have a geotagging feature on their present model of digital camera, but you can compensate for it with the i-gotU GT-120. The i-gotU is a GPS tagger that the user puts on …

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Driving Activity Reporter

by Edwin

Parents can’t keep a keen eye on their kids all day long, and they have even more to worry about when young adults in the home get their driving license (and a sense of restricted freedom), thinking that they are able to roam the world and drive at breakneck speeds while feeling invincible. Everyone goes through that rite of passage in their lives, but for parents who suspect that their …

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Nokia Maps function well on its new Nokia Navigator handsets

by Edwin

Nokia has introduced a couple of new handsets in its Navigator line – the Nokia 6710 Navigator and the Nokia 6720 classic, where both handsets will concentrate on not only providing you with the best in class performance when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family, it will also help you get to your destination on time and correctly, proving yet again Nokia’s heritage of traditional candybar …

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Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20 is in the works

by Edwin

So we’ve seen the announcement by Garmin-Asus to roll out their nüvifone G60, but that’s not all from the alliance as there is yet another smartphone in the works that will be announced at next week’s MWC ’09 in Barcelona, Spain – the M20 all-in-one phone. Why do we call it an all-in-one phone? After all, it doesn’t come with the kitchen sink, although it does carry a mobile web-browser …

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Garmin-Asus nüvifone G60 heads for MWC ’09

by Edwin

Garmin-Asus will make the most out of their presence at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain next week by using it as a platform to introduce the new nüvifone G60, the firstfruits of their labor that will be unleased to the world. This is a quad-band GSM handset and boasts 3.5G connectivity that caters for high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) networks as well as Wi-Fi connections, making it one …

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SIMply-A-GPS turns a cellular phone into a GPS device

by Mark R

Some of you readers might be disappointed that your mobile phone doesn’t have a GPS device like other mobile phones. Well, if your cellular phone has a SIM card reader, then you should have no problem getting a GPS in your phone with the aptly-named SIMply-A-GPS. This product, developed by Sagem-Orga and BlueSky Positioning, is definitely one of those products that truly defines plug-and-play. Somehow, these two groups have figured …

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