Game Capture HD – Don’t Miss a Moment

by Julie

I’m sure its no surprise that I’m a huge fan of video games. It’s not uncommon to find me on a caffeinated beverage bender up all night playing Halo or some other first person shooter game and talking to myself. Problem is, when you’re up all night, no one gets to see the action but you… and no matter how I try and explain my overnight dealings with the Covenant, my stories …

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Angry Birds Land finally launches in Finland

by Edwin

Rovio of Finland has certainly come up with a hit of game with the Angry Birds franchise, and here they are with their latest launch, the Angry Birds Land which recently opened up within Sarkanniemi Amusement Park itself in Tampere, Finland. This is officially the first theme park of its kind that is based on the Angry Birds franchise, going great lengths to show just how far the addictive smartphone …

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Classic Super Famicom Controller For Wii

by Edwin

So you were one of the first few who picked up the Nintendo Wii when it was first released all those years ago, and still spend some time playing it each week just to keep yourself occupied? Surely you wished at times that the world of video games stopped back when the SNES was at its zenith, and thankfully, with the Nintendo Wii, you are able to play your favorite …

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ROCCAT Savu hybrid gaming mouse

by Edwin

The release of Diablo 3 just a few days ago would definitely have seen an uptick in sales of gaming peripherals, including gaming mice and keyboards, as geeks everywhere unit to click their way to victory, killing off a far more feminine looking Diablo (although he does seem to be more powerful – you know what they say about hell having no fury like that of a woman scorned). I …

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Dragon Grip churns out kung fu noises

by Edwin

Once in a while, crowdfunding site Kickstarter does have some pretty cool looking projects, where they have ranged from the usual iPhone 4/4S case all the way to a new remake of a classic game (Leisure Suit Larry). Well, what do we have here today? Dragon Grip Interactive, the folks behind real life gaming experiences, has unveiled the Dragon Grip. Just what the heck is the Dragon Grip, does it …

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Mini Star Wars Arcade

by Edwin

Honey, I shrunk the Star Wars Arcade cabinet. Yes sir, no pesky kids will have to undergo the deadly rays of a shrinking gun, but instead, the art of miniaturization has been upped to a totally new galaxy, with this particular Star Wars Arcade cabinet that has been shrunk down in size all the way to just 12″. Not only that, despite being such a tiny replica, it will actually …

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ROAM MobileOS controller

by Edwin

When it comes to the world of portable gaming before the iPhone as well as slew of Android-powered smartphones actually made their mark in the market, we were just left with two credible choices – the Nintendo DS (oh how I loved this console, and had many more hours of fun compared to the PSP!) and the Sony PSP, where the latter seemed to cater to more mature gamers, although …

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Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System

by Edwin

Despite all of the 3D graphics that your eyes are flooded with these days, do you sometimes harken back to the good old days when you were able to just have some basic fun with 8-bit and 16-bit graphics, being pulled into the game by its storyline instead of eye candy? Well, assuming that your mom has yet to throw out your collection of NES and SNES carts from your …

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