Rosewill 5.1 Channel Gaming Headset with Vibration

by Edwin

Now here is a pair of gaming headphones that you might want to consider, especially since it comes with one feature that most of the other gaming headsets in the market do not – vibration! Well, the company behind this pair of gaming headphones needed to do something really different from what is already available in order to capture the attention of a fickle audience, doesn’t it? Hence the $49.99 …

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Pro Controller U For Wii & Wii U

by Edwin

Avid gamers will know that there is nothing quite like having a decent set of hardware or peripherals to go along with your video game console, as sometimes, the stock controller might be decent enough to use, but you feel as though it lacks a certain sense of “Oomph!” that you would like to see and feel. Thinkgeek has got your back with the $39.99 Pro Controller U For Wii …

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Razer Edge gets March 1st pre-order date

by Edwin

Boy, how time flies when you are having fun – or not. I digress, it was just last month in Las Vegas, Nevada, when the folks over at Razer took the opportunity to announce that they have successfully put together all the best elements possible of a gaming notebook/tablet, taking input from hardcore gamers who know best what they want, and asking the engineering team to conjure a miracle, resulting …

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Sony PS4 announced

by Edwin

The next cycle of home console gaming (the high end side of things, of course, as Nintendo had already rolled out their Nintendo Wii U from last year onwards which frankly, was rather disappointing in terms of specifications as well as performance, once again leaning on the strength of Nintendo’s library and relatively low price point to pull it through the next round of next-gen console gaming) is set to …

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CM Storm RX gaming surfaces help up your game

by Edwin

Gamers, especially those hardcore ones, do take their gaming sessions seriously, and winning or losing is sometimes equated to a matter of life or death. Of course, the normal, Temple Run-playing world would not think that way, but if you have spoken to professional gamers or those who aspire to be one and are proud to be associated with a gaming “clan”, then you can see where their passion lie …

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A Virtual Archer’s Dream

by Alison

Games become more virtual by the day, wouldn’t you agree? Every gaming system and game designer is out to get users more immersed in the entire experience. And yet how much time do we spend gaming on phones – which will never be able to fully immerse us. Or will they?

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Wikipad gaming tablet hits the market

by Edwin

Ah, to be a child again. They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so what better way to ensure that Jack does not end up being dull than by indulging in a little bit of games? This is what the Wikipad tablet does, running on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, and not not slouching when it comes to the kind of hardware …

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God of War: Ascension bundle comes with Garnet Red PS3

by Edwin

What is your first memory or experience with the God of War series? I don’t suppose it is a “love it or hate it” case with this kind of hack-and-slash title, and there is a visceral sense about it, too. Having said that, I did enjoy the game a whole lot, and my personal favorite is the one on the PSP – don’t ask me why, I am just rather …

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