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Video games – portable or not – have evolved from that stuff that kids used to play to a multi-billion dollar industry. Every gamer, young or old, needs to stay up on the latest in gaming gadgets, which is what this section will help do.


Turtle Beach delivers new Stealth 520 and 20X + wireless gaming headsets for consoles

by Edwin

Turtle Beach and gaming headsets have always gone hand in hand, and it does not seem as though this particular tradition is going to end up extinct anytime soon. In fact, we have received word that console lovers — in particular PS4 and Xbox One owners, will be on the receiving end of the Turtle Beach Stealth 520 and Stealth 420X+ wireless gaming headsets.

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SteelSeries Rival 500 MMO/MOBA Gaming Mouse

by Edwin

steelseries-rival-500Not all gaming mice are created equal — some are made by more notable names, while the others will require you to “grow” into them. Still, if you are an avid MMO/MOBA gamer and are in the market for a new mouse as your previous one gave up the ghost, you might want to consider the SteelSeries Rival 500 MMO/MOBA gaming mouse. The SteelSeries Rival 500 is considered to be the first MOBA/MMO optical gaming mouse in the world that has been specially designed around natural hand movements for extreme comfort, accuracy and performance.

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Avengers Virtual Reality Battle lets you save the world

by Edwin

avengers-vr-battleMarvel has certainly outdone itself in the cinematic realm, successfully making comic book heroes on the silver screen a top draw. Of course, the carefully cast actors and actresses in their respective roles also did play a part in the huge box office draw. Well, Marvel certainly are not done yet with all the movies in their pipeline, and while you wait for the next best thing, you might as well line up Christmas presents for your little ones. Why not keep them entertained with the $49.95 Avengers Virtual Reality Battle?

The Avengers Virtual Reality Battle is a head-mounted blaster game which will allow children to do battle with Ultron. Arming an aspiring S.H.I.E.L.D. agent with a powerful blaster, the player can choose from three different levels of difficulty. He or she will then suit up and join the Avengers in order to topple this nefarious villain. Expect the headset to fit snugly around a child’s head thanks to the two adjustable straps. It will project three alternating images (two of Ultron, one of Iron Man) on the inside of the goggles, where you then take aim of the blaster at Ultron. Each successful hit after pulling the trigger will score a point, but if you shoot Iron Man by accident instead, you lose a point. Realistic Avengers sound effects are part of the mix, and so is the score tally on the digital counter. Half a dozen AAA batteries are required to get the Avengers Virtual Reality Battle, er, battle-ready.

Afterglow LVL 1 and LVL 3 headsets head for the PS4

by Edwin

afterglow-lvl1A video game console in the mold of the Sony PS4 is definitely something that will offer hours of endless entertainment. In fact, if you were to hook up your PS4 to a souped up home entertainment system, it would definitely get the most out of the sound effects that the sound team put into the game. For those who like to play when the rest of the world is in slumber, a good pair of headphones will fit the bill perfectly, and Afterglow has come up with its LVL 1 and LVL 3 headsets which were specially made for the Sony PS4.

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The ROCCAT Skeltr is a Smart RGB Keyboard for multi-taskers

by Caitlyn

Roccat Skeltr

If you are a do-er of all things who loves to play games, then you know how hard it is to get through a competitive match on Overwatch when your phone is constantly blowing up. You want to stay connected, but when you only have a few seconds to unlock your phone, get to the message, and tap out a response the moment after you die, there’s a good chance you’re going to respawn and waste precious milliseconds sending your fam those dank memes. To make sure you can shave off those precious moments in time of switching up devices, ROCCAT made a solution.

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The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset – play all day

by Caitlyn

HyperX Cloud II

When you need to get a new headset, you want the perfect cross-section between comfort, quality, price, and durability. There are more options than your brain can feasibly comprehend on the market, but the best idea is to decide what price range you’re willing to deal with, and read as many reviews as possible. There are some brands you’re going to recognize and trust, but if it’s not quite in your budget to spend $180 or more, then know that setting your sights lower doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out.

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Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse — affordable but reliable

by Edwin

division_zero_m50_gaming_mouseIf you are a gamer, and a serious one at that, you would know for sure that you prefer to have all of the right hardware in order to maximize your chances of winning. After all, every bit counts, and while it is not so much like Formula 1 and other precision sports, there are finer details that can be the difference between victory and defeat among equally skilled gamers. For those who feel like they need a brand new gaming mouse but do not know where to start, the $68.99 Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse might just be the tonic you require.

The Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse will come with an adjustable 6400 dpi 4G laser sensor alongside 9 programmable macro buttons. Not only that, there will be a 4D tilt wheel scrolling capability that makes it easy to scroll through your list of items or even spreadsheet cells if you need to get some work done. This ambidextrous mouse will be ideal for southpaws as well, and with the integrated onboard memory, you will be able to store your game profiles regardless of where you are. You can save up to 6 game profiles in the onboard memory, and the red backlighting goes with red LED scroll wheel, mouse body, and bottom plate makes it look all the more menacing.

Codex Silenda is a handcrafted puzzle that you have to solve to open

by Caitlyn

Silenda Codex

If you’re a fan of puzzles, then you likely have a Rubiks cube or two lying around at home. While there are a variety of puzzles out on the market, there’s a pretty big gap between easy and cheap and challenging and expensive. You wouldn’t want to spend $10 on a movie that only lasted ten minutes, so why would you spend $5 on something you can solve in two minutes?

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