i-Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard Review

by Al

I’ve seen these before and thought they looked cool but are they really usable? Gadget Forum member azn1art owns one and has been good enough to write us a review. Read the i-Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard Review.

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Cowon A2 30 GB Review

by Al

Cowon A2 30 GB Review

This is the first member written review from the CG Forums, thanks proxops-pete. So I finally got one! It was about $380 from Newegg.com. Upon opening it, the player is safely packaged (very well, I might add) inside a case…

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Bazooka Foam Gun

by Liam

Bazooka Foam Gun

I’m pleased, or maybe a little embarrassed, to admit that that I’ve tried out this gadget, and it really is a lot of fun! The Bazooka Foam Gun is a stronger and more powerful version of foam shooting guns which is a whole lot of fun and even hurts a little bit unlike its pathetic alternatives! A couple of weeks ago my friends and I were bored, so of course …

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InvisibleSHIELD Device Protector Review

by Al


InvisibleSHIELD is like a screen protector film but for your whole device. What this means is that you can protect your device from knocks and scratches but without having to hide it in a case. In the pack you get the actual InvisibleSHIELD film pre-cut for the device you have purchased it for, a small squirty-bottle of solution (they call it SHIELDSpray) and a small piece of plastic (referred to …

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Wicked Laser Review

by Al

Wicked Laser

One of the best things about running the coolest gadgets site is that we sometimes get sent cool gadgets to play with review and test. We’ve just received are favourite review piece so far, courtesy of one of our sponsors, Wicked Lasers, who sent us a cool (or should that be hot) Extreme Nexus 95 mW Laser Pointer.

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Review of the Swissbit, S.Beat 1Gb MP3 Player

by Al

Swissbit S.Beat

One of the cool things about running a gadget site is we always have tax deductible excuse to buy stuff and one of the even cooler things is we often get sent stuff to play with review for free. When parcels turn up I always seem to have friends who were never interested in writing before but are now more than willing to be a reviewer, so thanks go to …

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Guinness Surger Review

by Al

Guinness Surger

We reported on the Guinness Surger last week and since then have had a chance to put it to the test (on multiple occasions :)). It also gave us the opportunity to buy beer on expenses which is always cool. So read our totally unbiased though alcohol induced review :).

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Nokia 770 internet tablet reviewed

by Marc

Nokia internet tablet

Ars Technica have managed to get their hands on the long-awaited Nokia 770 internet tablet. When I saw it recently I noticed there was a delay in switching operations – apparently this is sometimes longer than the few seconds I saw when the device is loaded. On the other hand it’s cheap with an amazing screen and you can’t have everything for $360 You can read the full review here.

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