Proporta Gadget Bag Review

by Al

I recently received the proporta gadget bag for review, I’m generally not a fan of “man bags” but this one had gadgets in mind so had to give it a go. The bag is designed especially for gadgets and as such is heavily padded for protection. For a size comparison I pictured it alongside a classic DVD.

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SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 Flash Drive Review

by Al


We’ve received quite a few cool gadgets to review this year (most of which we’ll be giving away (to be announced shortly)). One gadget that I’ve been playing with for the last few months is the SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 2GB USB Flash Drive (apologises to Jamie for the excessive time this review has taken). The Cruzer Titanium is one tough flash drive, it boasts the ability to withstand 2,000 lbs …

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Fenix pack a searchlight into your pocket

by Marc

fenix p1d ce

I had a power cut recently and it’s at times like that when you realise how much you rely on light just being there when you need it. You can’t even read a book when it’s pitch black outside and you’re out of candles. So being the geek that I am, I decided to use this an an opportunity to buy a new gadget. When the power came back I …

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What’s in your gear bag? How do you roll portable?

by Fred

fred’s bag

So everyone has one, some call it a purse, some call it a satchel, just just call it, “My darn bag.” Either way, you’ve got one. You use your bag on the go. Most of all, you’ve got a bag filled with stuff you think is useful enough that if it all went down, you’d be the one swinging from the trees, able to make fire, and live high off …

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Picoo Z, Yes!! It is that much fun (and I know where ta get you one!)

by Fred

FrontFront2It’s what you’ve been waiting for! A Tiny Helicopter that’s awesome! (and affordable). Big hint here, Read the full review!
1. It is fun! It is a real kick to fly something inside the house, it’s just what your mom told you never to do, and there you are doing it, and not destroying anything! Wheee!!

2. It is affordable (if you go to the right place). Apparently, the right place is HobbyTron and it’s for the right price 39.00$ and shipping,, really! Everything you need is right there out of the box!! (other places are charging 99$ and more, why?! Go to Hobbytron!)
3. Most of all, IT REALLY WORKS!!! nuff said.

1. You will not soon be referred to as T.C.
2. It is easy to “play with” but difficult to “control well”. I HIGHLY advise downloading the Advanced tuning

weight guide from Hobbytron (they’ve done some work for you!) and applying the metal “weights” right away (they’re REALLY Light but do help a bit). Additionally,, PRACTICE!
3. You will still need real helicopter lessons if you want to fly the Pope around.
Seriously though (ok, when am I ever serious) this thing is fun. Setup is as easy as can be.


Beer Belly Review

by Al

Beer Belly package

We reported on the cool beer belly product earlier in the year. Thanks to the good guys who make the beer belly we can now follow up on that report with an unbiased (though at times maybe intoxicated) review. As I have a natural beer belly I enlisted my mate Russell (Software engineer by day, beer belly model by night) to do the photo shoot and product testing (Russell will …

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Aquapac MP3 case

by Marc


Aquapac are a company who make … umm… plastic bags? Well yes, but these are not your ordinary bag. Aquapac cases are designed to protect your fragile consumer electronics from water (hence the name). If you’re a regular visitor to the beach you’ll appreciate that water and sand can really make a mess of your gadgets! These guys make a range of waterproof bags to cater for different appliances (including …

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Bug Zapper

by Liam

Bug Zapper

This is one of those gadgets which is really fun to play with, however you wonder if anyone actually uses them for a real purpose. I personally own one and I’m quite sure I’ve never used it for its actual purpose, however I’ve had a lot of fun with it doing just about everything else I could think of. The Bug Zapper is an appropriately named gadget which could potentially …

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